Everything In Life Is a Choice

I am not going to write some upbeat, unrealistic article about how you should take responsibility for your life, because ultimately, “you” create your experiences with your choices and actions. I am not going to do that because I don’t believe that it is true. Children don’t choose to be abused. Women don’t choose to be victims of sexual assault or raped. And people damn sure don’t want to be born with any kind of mutation, illness, or disease. These people didn’t make bad choices. “We” as a whole make choices for them.

Yeah! We are about to get into some rough terrain here. But I want to challenge you. I want you to start to think differently about yourself and about your life. First, you need to understand that there are some things that happened to you in your life that wasn’t your choice. Rather, it was the choice of the collective consciousness. Our ancestors believed in this theory of oneness. They understood that everything in our world was interconnected. Now, we have a great deal of spiritual scholars who believe in the same thing. Deepak Chopra describes the mind as not just being a structure that is located in the head. He says that the mind is a process of information that flows in and out of the body, as well as through nature.

Now, people are beginning to see the world from a holographic perspective. One single cell holds the genetic blue print of your entire body. This concept really explains the power of DNA. People can be cloned, their ancestral lineage can be traced, and biological fathers can be identified, all from one single strand of DNA.
Furthermore, cells have memory. And the atoms that are actually inside of the cell have gone through every other species on earth. What does this mean? It means that energy flows. It flows through an energy system, known as a matrix. The matrix is a web of tightly woven fibers that connects all things throughout the universe. This is why something that happens on one side of the universe can have an adverse effect on the opposite side of the universe.

Sadly, negative energy is being dumped into this collective pool, into this matrix of energy. And this is where many diseases, illness and mutations come from. People are subconsciously pulling in this energy. So then they become the victims, and they are forced to carry the weight of the collective consciousness. There are people who swear by the law of attraction and the law of intention. But we need to be honest and understand that there are some choices that are made for us. We can stop cancer. We can stop abuse. We can stop other types of diseases by becoming aware and understanding that we are all in this together. We will begin to make the best choices, when we realize that we are all one.

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