Airdrop is a legitimate way to make some free money in cryptocurrency. An airdrop is a procedure through which coins/tokens are distributed freely by blockchain projects to community members or HODLers. Its aim is to spread awareness about their project in the cryptocurrency world and to build community.

What is Airdrop in Cryptocurrency World?

Airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, generally for free, to a large number of community wallet addresses or HODLers address. Airdrop is a way of gaining attention and increasing the number of new followers, resulting in a larger user-base and wider spending of coins.

In simple words, if you HODL one coin, you are automatically eligible to claim other coins because you were holding the parent coins on which airdrop is being done.

How to get updated about the latest Crypto Airdrops?

There are multiple ways to be updated about Airdrops, one of the most effective way of which is to join an active crypto community that works in this area. Cryptoknowmics is one such crypto-community. However, not all the latest airdrops are worth participating in and can be sometimes scammed too. Cryptoknowmics tries to filter out scam coins and show only genuine ones

Where to Find Airdrops?

First, you need to find an active crypto site, such as, to get updated about the latest airdrops. however, airdrops are easier to find. This is mainly due to the airdrop websites and social media channels that track airdrops and post them daily.

How To Get Your Free Airdropped Crypto?

To get airdrop forked coins, you either need to be in control of your private keys or should know how to sign your public address with your private keys. That’s why we always suggest to our readers to always store your cryptocurrencies in the following types of wallets where you can control of your private keys.
You need to follow these simple steps to claim free airdrops:

*Refer a friend
*Join Telegram
*Or complete other social media tasks


As the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing with every passing day, the scams surrounding them are growing too. Therefore, need to understand each term of this subject.
Always Remember, no legal airdrop will ever ask you to send funds or for your private key at any stage of the process.
Despite the warning mentioned above, airdrops are a fun way of getting into cryptocurrency and finding out new blockchain projects.

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