Dragon Tiger or Thai Dragon Tiger is a game that originated in Cambodia. It is an online casino game that is Asian and entails playing it mostly through online platforms that offer it to the public. The game is seamless, simple and super fast, and that is why it is so appealing to players these days. Fans can keep track on a score-pad and bet accommodating their winning hands at the same time.

What Online Dragon Tiger Entails

Online Dragon Tiger is played on a traditional deck of cards (52 English/American Cards.) However, it is actually 50 cards sans the wild cards/jokers that are unnecessary. Typically from 6-8 decks are held in place by a blackjack show and is not played to beat the dealer. You just have to select which hand between the tiger and the dragon will get the higher card. Single cards are dealt to each spot (the tiger or the dragon.) No added cards need to be drawn.

How Thai Dragon Tiger is Played

Once the player decides whether they want to place a bet or wager on the Tiger or the Dragon, the dealer will put the cards in front of the player facing up. The highest card is then deemed to be the winner and whoever has chosen it is also the winner. There are two crucial standards that need to be taken into consideration first and foremost - order of cards are lowest to highest with aces being the lowest cards (unlike many other card games.) Ace is counted as 1 with the deck ascending upward with the highest cards being J,Q,K. If each the tiger and the dragon receive the same card it is considered a tie and the “house” takes 50% of the best. Other than when both the Tiger and the Dragon Tie the house has NO upper hand.

Dragon Tiger Strategies

This online casino game is so simple that it really does not require much skill or any special strategies. However, it is very common for the player to go along with the bets of a previous winner by going with a winning streak of domination. Each casino’s deck amounts vary, but you will see the casino show you when the cards are in process and finished shuffling. When a reduction of cards occurs, sometimes the casino will gain more possibility of having an edge.

One more strategy that players learn after playing consistently and getting the hang of things is to count cards and to track of all the cards (big & small and the different suits of cards.) There are only 4 possible outcomes when in regards to counting just suits so mostly that is the common tactic used. The player can then increase their odds & chances of winning by betting or increasing their wager on the suit that has not been played as much in this round.

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