Evidence of new beginnings can be seen at any time. Look around at the budding plants, flowers, trees and more. Listen to the mating calls of numerous birds as they prepare to bless the earth with more fancy feathers and songs that they fancy. The world is lit with exhilarating changes. It beckons you to join in the excitement; to feel lifted up by the idea of renewal and exploration. Make this your time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and your soul!

It is important for you to know that in the physical realm, the chances of making changes so you can feel alive again, is always available. If you were able to immerse yourself into the consciousness of the Ascended Masters, you would find that they are always making adjustments to flow of life. Their perception is that all things lead to goodness, but that they should only be submerged in what brings joy to their souls more readily. That is the exact reason that the only constant in the universe is change. It allows the Kingdom to ebb and flow, but it also enables you to accelerate your personal growth, achievements and happiness. That is what life is supposed to be about!

When you chose to come into this physical life, you did so with your soul's approval. You could have stayed on the side of Light, but it was evident to you that you needed new experiences. That means that this life time is the one you need to focus on and hug tightly. If that concept gives you trouble, then you should reconfigure your outlook. "Entitlement" is a good aspect in this case. It is God-given to you because He feels that all people should have the tools to take care of themselves. However, having an entitlement mentality must not be confused with having a needy mentality. The world is filled with able-bodied people who dismiss their role in taking care of the things they need to do in order to live in a fulfilled manner. Greed and disempowerment are the causes for them to seek more without doing anything. Ultimately, it decreases the generosity of society. Those who are on the giving end start to feel bitterness and slow their tithing down.

Why have we just shared that with you? Solely because we want you to know that help and aid are always available to you if you are earnestly in need. Your job is to make sure you do not become lazy, selfish or develop an expectation that someone else has the duty to take care of you. Instead, we want you to stand up and release the inner beast. If you do not like where your life is now--or is moving to--then burst with the "I can" makeup of your Inner Child. Release the strength within! Turn the ignition to "on" so you can be the power and goal-oriented person you were intended to be. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Author's Bio: 

Jim is a renowned medium and psychic, but considers himself a teacher of spirituality. Although he has been doing most of his work on a more personal basis, Jim's new direction is to try to include more people to understand the simple, yet perfect connection they can have with their loved ones on the other side.

The ability to communicate with Spirits was not something he searched for. In July of 1993, while enduring a very difficult time in his life, Jim was suddenly blessed with being able to speak, see and hear numerous people and higher level souls in the other realm. He openly and actively shares the information he gets with anyone who desires to improve their life.

Jim Fargiano can be reached on Facebook and Twitter, but most easily through his website at: http://www.Jimfargiano.com. He is a widely recognized leader in spirituality and posts messages he receives from the other side almost everyday. Short quotes will be on the fan page for The Spoken Words of Spirit on Facebook, as well as on his home page. Longer messages can be read at http://www.jimfargiano.blogspot.com. If you are serious about improving your outlook on life, then take advantage of the opportunities Jim provides.