Exercise what is it? Do we actually need it? I am sure many persons have been silently asking this question for years and have not gotten an answer. This is because they did not shout loudly enough, when asking. Doctors have stated that exercise is highly valuable to the human body. So, yes it is highly valuable.

The body is a machine and like all machines with little or no use it breaks down or ceases to function. This is what exercise does for the body. It helps to circulate needed oxygen throughout the blood. It helps to build the immune system. The process of sweating will help to eliminate some of the toxins which the body accumulates overtime. Exercise enables us to sweat. It tones the muscles; it lubricates the joints to make them work better.

The process of elimination as to what exercises are right for you will determine how healthy you are. Before you begin an exercise regimen, you must get advice from your doctor. He will tell you based on your physical condition how to proceed.

Walking is a particularly good way to exercise. This can be done early in the morning when it is cool. Starting off with this simple way of exercising will put you in a frame of mind to try the gym. If this is not for you, and being out doors is, then stick to it. The fresh air is good for you.

Exercise machines can be too rigid, so if you are thinking of getting one, make sure you are advised correctly by a professional. Many people have bought exercise machines and have tossed them in the storage rooms of the house because they have difficulty using them. This is a waste of money.

Swimming is also another good way to exercise. It improves your lung capacity, it tones your muscles and it is fun. Swimming with someone who is a better swimmer than you will challenge you to do better. Think of how much money you will save. Walking is also free and cheap. The only thing you will pay for is the water or energy drink you will need at the end of exercising. Starting an exercise schedule takes a lot of discipline. You may need to do it with your partner in order to get comfortable. There are also people within your community, like your neighbor, whom you can start with. However you go about you exercise plans, consider it to be fun. The moment you become too competitive you have lost the essence of why you decided to begin in the first place.

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