I'll bet there are times when you feel the urgent need to do something creative. We all have them. But do you ignore those feelings because you don’t have time to do something for yourself or all those everyday tasks on your to-do list are nagging you to get them done?

It is never a good idea to keep pushing aside those urges. They are happening for a reason. It’s your Self trying to communicate with you, telling you there’s something that needs to come out through a creative outlet.

If you don’t act on those creative urges, you are bound to pay the consequences in the form of frustration, an inability to focus, or even anger. Your creativity is part of you and it is necessary to honor that part, even if it means that another task will be ignored. Of course, you have to take care of the essentials, like work, taking care of your kids, or paying the bills. But even if you can’t carve out an hour for yourself, you can let your mind wander as you cook dinner, drive home from work, or take a shower.

However, actually doing something about your creative urges is better. That physical activity promotes the flow of positive energy throughout your mind and body, providing new vigor and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s a way to “let it all hang out”, then step back and enjoy the fruits of your creative labor. And you might even be surprised by what you see!

Creative Activities

There are more ways to be creative than just the obvious. Take a look through this list and find something that appeals to you.

Art is, of course, one of the most common creative outlets for many people. Drawing a picture, painting on a canvas, or writing a short story are obviously creative – and there’s nothing wrong with these activities if that’s what gives you satisfaction. To get the ultimate benefit, try putting colors or words or pencil strokes together in new ways. Challenge yourself; if you’re more comfortable using acrylic paints, try sketching or if you enjoy writing poetry, try your hand at prose.

If art isn’t your thing, use your home as a canvas. A redecorating or organizational project around the house not only flexes your creative muscle, it’s a great way to spiff up your surroundings. You might enjoy crafts such as sewing, flower arranging, or scrap booking. Chances are there’s a project in the back of your mind just waiting to use your creativity – particularly if you challenge yourself to do it on a budget, with only the materials you have on hand, or as a gift for someone else.

Sometimes our creativity needs a more physical outlet in the form of exercise or sports. There’s no reason you can’t get creative with your workout routine; it may be that an hour of dancing to old tunes you love is just the ticket to allow your Self creative expression. If you like running or walking, take a different route. Or grab several friends for a volleyball game with no rules – or ones you make up as you go along! The idea is to challenge yourself.

The beauty of creativity and using your imagination is that it is always available, and doesn’t cost a thing. What you will receive in return is a renewed energy, the clearing of your mind, and a healthy new outlook on life. So go for it!

Author's Bio: 

Lori Chance is a writing coach who uses her experience as a life coach, mother, woman and entrepreneur to enhance the lives of herself and others. Her goal is to help you find balance, fulfillment, and the motivation to do what you truly want to do. Find out more on her website at www.authorshipforexperts.com.