Naming your LLC

You may be familiar with the processes involved in LLC formations Ohio. Although it seems naming an entity is an easy task, it is not. You have to research a bit and follow all the guidelines of Ohio LLC regulations to pick a name for your LLC. There will be some requirements to meet and a lot of paperwork to submit. So, before moving to other processes of forming an LLC in Ohio, you should know some of the following factors to consider before choosing a name for an LLC within the state.

Factors to consider


It is easy to set up an LLC in Ohio, and this factor has brought thousands of LLCs into the market. So, if your brand has a name similar to an LLC that is already present in the state, there will be confusion among the public and the investors. Hence, your name should be unique and exclusive for your brand. Any similarities with the present LLC will get rejected within the region. However, you can have a name similar to that of a company out of Ohio.

Website domain

Most of the companies will have a website to demonstrate their services. So, if you need a website, you will look for a domain name that represents your company name. Not every domain owner will have a website in his firm name. So, there is a possibility that the domain you are looking for is owned by another person. Hence, it is advisable to consider the availability of the domain name before you choose your LLC name. If you are not going to start a website now and will need in the future, you can buy the domain name now itself to prevent someone from acquiring it.

Requirements for the state

Every state in the US will have its set of requirements for the name of an LLC. Your name should follow these guidelines, and you should provide the necessary documents to get it. Some of these requirements are as follows.

• You should keep the phrase Limited Liability Company or the abbreviation LLC at the end of the name.
• Your name should not be confusing with that of an existing company within the state.
• You are not allowed to keep a name that has words related to the government entities of the US like gov, FBI, etc.
• If you are going to keep a word that represents your profession or service like law, attorney, doctor, and the likes, you should get permission by showing all the necessary paperwork.

Ohio database

Since it will be difficult to find a unique name without knowing all the LLCs currently operating in the state, the Ohio government has a database of all these details. You can use this data to check whether your LLC name is already acquired or it is available. Without the use of this database, you cannot choose a unique name at ease.

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You should keep the phrase Limited Liability Company or the abbreviation LLC at the end of the name.