After I turned on my pc to check my mails, the “Bad” news that I saw on Yahoo was the death of Michael Jackson who was barely 50. My initial reaction was death denial. I feel fondness to this person that has caught my attention because of his not so ordinary skill.

I immediately read the headlines and look for information that will confirm it and yes, it’s really true. According to the reports, he died due to cardiac arrest which is quite “Dangerous”. His sudden death shocked the whole world. No one has expected this to happen and fans were overwhelmed and are having death denial regarding MJ.

The fans crowded to the UCLA Medical Center to show their mourning. I was saddened by the idea that this multi-talented man has “Gone too soon”. He is the only artist that I simply adored because of his originality. He has created fame within himself from his songs that are breaking in to the soul together with his artistic dance moves like his “moonwalk” that became famous and no one could ever do it perfectly except him.

It’s a genius choreography which is mainly his own. No one can “Beat it” and I can’t get rid of the death denial that I feel right now regarding him. He is such a great performer that he can fully express the emotion that goes with the song. You can really feel that he enjoys his craft that could be reflected on his every breathtaking performance.

His music builds bridges from various nations whether you are “Black or White” with deep understanding that contributes to humanity and people are still in the denial of his death as of now. But despite his fame and being considered as an icon on his prime, he was very lonely up there to which his fans are not aware of and until now mourns and having death denial over MJ.

He has faced many scandals regarding child molestation and he was surrounded by kids that added ‘proof’ to the issue. His fondness of kids might be the result of his being a child that has not grown fully to become a man and to people who loves him; the initial reaction is death denial.

He started his singing career at a tender age to which must be his ‘play time’. His early exposure to work and fame deprived him of his life as a child. It created manifestation on his personality that contributed to his bizarre behavior and a reason of his childlike acts.

MJ also suffers from low self-esteem that could be reflected on his operations that he has done on his face. Fans, and even his family is still in death denial.

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