In midwinter we feel flabby and we love more to stay inside, where is warm and to stay under a fluffy blanket than to start any diet or to go to the gym and try to stay in shape. Is not like in the summer time when everyone is trying to look great.

But we should consider that winter is the season when we can gain more weight because we are not burning enough calories and our bodies store more fat to ensure a good protection against the cold. The good news is that there is a fat burning diet that instead of exhausting you, it gives you a good dose of energy exactly what you need in the cold season.

This fat burning diet is based on the premise that sugar and refined carbohydrates have a negative effect on the body because rather than make us feel energized this carbohydrates gives us a temporary feeling of well then in just a few hours we feel a sudden drop in blood sugar level.

Use this fat burning diet to lose 4 kg in 2 weeks

Replacing refined carbohydrates with protein and vegetables we load our body with pure energy reserves and no longer face mood changes caused by excessive consumption of sugars. In addition when we are in a bad mood or depressed we suddenly craving for something sweet but that piece of chocolate or cake will make us more harm than good so you should follow a fat burning diet instead.

Ideal is to replace carbohydrates with proteins to ensure a great energy level and knowing how to do that can be easy if you follow this simple but effective fat burning diet. Practically this fat burning diet can help you lose 4 kg in two weeks in a pleasant way.

These are the foods and rules of this effective fat burning diet:

Rule number 1

Forbidden Foods

- Refined carbohydrates, especially at breakfast (carbohydrates can be eaten but only at night or in combination with other foods) examples: bread, cereals, rice, sodas, pastries, sweets bought from the supermarket with a lot of sugar

- Foods with a high concentration of fat

- Alcohol

Rule number 2

Foods Allowed

- Lean meat, fish, chicken or turkey

- Skimmed milk

- Shrimp and seafood

- Eggs

- A serving of carbohydrates at dinner

Breakfast Menus

- Three egg whites omelet and a scoop of fresh cow cheese, plus 300 ml of orange juice

- Two poached eggs with a slice of toast with butter

- One cup of plain yogurt and you can add 100 grams of berries

Lunch menus

- A tin of tuna with a salad and yogurt

- Roast chicken breast with vegetables salad plus an apple

- 300 ml of broccoli soup, spinach and asparagus, plus a slice of bread and for desert an apple

Dinner menus

- 200 grams of salmon fillet with garnish of raw vegetables cooked by steam, plus a handful of strawberries with some cream topping

- Waldorf chicken salad: 100 grams of diced chicken, 6 nuts, half an avocado mixed with a tablespoon of mayonnaise, all arranged on lettuce, plus three tablespoons of fruit salad

- 200 grams of grilles lean steak with two tablespoons of grilled vegetables, plus a baked apple stuffed with raisins


- A boiled egg with a slice of toast bread

- Raw vegetables salad with vinaigrette dressing

- One tablespoon of cream cheese with slices of carrot

- A few nuts with an apple

- Plain yogurt

- A banana

If you want to lose weight healthy and safe then you should try this fat burning diet and you will feel and look much better.

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