FEAR - The Gift Its Good For

We all know there is healthy rational fear. We protect ourselves from raging fires, stampeding bulls and any real threat to our existence. When the danger passes so does our fear.

We shake it off as a duck shakes off water.

And we move on.

There's a lot of talk about limiting irrational fear.

We've learned to recognize when the fearful misguided Inner Critic tells us to:

Find Excuses And Reasons, or
F*#k Everything And Run

To think that protection from physical harm is the only thing fear is good for does it, and ourselves, a disservice.

Allow me to explain.

Fear is more than a thought. It is a feeling.

All feelings are valid. All feelings are a communication from your higher self to pay attention.

Since fear provides this valuable service it deserves our respect.

It deserves our loving embrace.

The message from mind-driven debilitating fear is:

"There is something you do not understand. Get clear."

The message from heart-driven passionate fear is:

"You're alive buck-a-roo! Get ready for the mind-blowing ride of your life."

Yes, mind-blowing.

You blow away the babblecrap mind chatter that holds you back from getting into the cart, putting your hands high in the air, and riding the roller coaster for all its worth.

To experience the trill of a lifetime.

Your heart pounds. You feel exhilarated.

This is living at or beyond the edge of your comfort zone.

You feel alive with every fiber of your core being.

Its what you're here to do.

Boldly step into your fear.

That's why you feel alive when you put your whole self into your fear - when you say YES to the opportunity that scares the shit out of you.

Have the moxie, the confidence and courage, to love your fear - the fear that comes straight from your heart.

Have the audacity to reach for a better perspective when your fear comes straight from your fraidy-cat Inner Critic head.

Have the wisdom to know the difference.

You'll feel alive and empowered when you're heart-centered.

You'll feel dead and defeated inside when you're head-driven.

Pay attention.

Get the gift.

Author's Bio: 

Valery is a Mentor, Coach & Author who provides an all in one toolkit and training course that give you the necessary tools and information to get over the unique challenges that come from success, fame and fortune. Championing those who have or aspire fame and/or fortune to maximize their potential is her calling. She's fully prepared to engage clients with her experience, extensive training, certifications. For more information please visit www.FameMentor.com