Angelscopes for February 2012

You may find that you are ruled by your emotions this month, a little more than usual. There is a sense of deep thought and contemplation here and it seems as though you are quietly observing situations, before you decide on what you should do next. It is good to run your critical eye over things at this time, as it seems there could be a few revelations to come forth for you quite soon… things can look so different by the light of day.

There has been a lot going on here of late it seems and there is a sense of you needing to lighten your load and rid yourself of this negative thinking and rut you have got yourself into. It seems you are beginning to feel tired of the old ways and old things that no longer work in your life, but there is a sense of you holding on to them, almost as a form of comfort. Now is the time to release and know that it is safe for you to do so. You will feel so much lighter once you do.

A few light bulb moments are likely for you this month. The light soon will be beamed into all of those dark corners. Information that has previously eluded you, will now come forth with great ease, you will wonder what all the fuss was about. I do see you being in a beautiful flow of divine timing here. All is well and in perfect order. You have had your ups and down in recent months and this breakthrough is well over due.

The Goddess of love looks favourably upon you this month, but I feel she is here to teach you a few lessons about yourself. She asks for you to honour yourself more as the God or Goddess that you are, choosing only kind words to describe yourself and holding only pure thoughts of love within. You give yourself such a hard time dear Cancer and any chance you get to shine you shy away from it. There are some great opportunities to come your way this year, but you need to be open to receive them.

There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm with you but often this is not channelled in the right direction and when that is the case, the energy becomes stagnant and dormant. It leads to frustrations and Leo you need to be out there, as the vocal sharing of your frustrations can wear very thin on the patience of those who are around you. Put the brush to paint or whatever it is that you do, that is creative. You have a lot to say and there is also a lot you hide behind, express yourself and be heard through your creativity.

There could well be a few surprise gifts that come your way this month. It seems that one good turn deserves another and the good turns you have done for others of late will be duly noted and gratitude will be expressed. There is a sense of the surprises coming at just the right time. It seems you are in need of a bit of a pick me up. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Quite an exciting month for you dear Libra, there are great opportunities for you to spread your wings and think a little bigger than you have of late. Lady luck is on your side. If you are thinking of making changes around work or applying for a new job, now will be a great time for you to do so, the universe holds you favourably this month. You sometimes hesitate when considering pushing ahead with career or finances, but you just need to have a little more faith in yourself and not doubt it.

You may have a sting in your tail, but you are a softy at heart and love nothing more than doing something special and romantic with the one that you love. There are opportunities for romance here, existing relationships can be rejuvenated and the flames of passion re-ignited. New relationships are also very likely this month and should ensure you don’t see the end of this month alone.

Lots of socialising is indicated here for you this month. There is a sense of people rallying round and old friends and acquaintances getting together. You truly are a social butterfly and you are more than ready for some social engagements after having such a quiet January. Someone you know will surprise you this month as you get to know them on a deeper level, there could be a revelation here as you learn something interesting about them, that gives you greater understanding.

There is lots of energy here with you this month. The fire in your belly has been ignited. Any obstacles that were here before have now been burned away. You are in a powerful energy presently and manifesting the things you desire, you seem like an unstoppable force presently. Spirituality is also indicated here too and there will be connections here that will link it with your creative side too. This month you will stand up and be heard, it is time for you to get your message out there.

There a few doors that are closing around you here and linking in with this energy I also see a few fond memories too. I do get a sense of no regrets here as it seems you are at peace and understand the natural cycle of life, with its many endings and new beginnings. You are ready for those new beginnings now too, which you already know. You have done much preparation for all what you anticipate. The road ahead may look long but there is al of brightness along your new path. No more tears, only joy from now on.

You are in the flow of abundance this month. Finances go from strength to strength and all is as it should be. Gosh, how you have longed to be in this space… and at last it is finally here. This is not, however, a time for you to go out splurging cash on nonsense… yes you should treat yourself, but keep it to a minimum and don’t get carried away, remember there is always tomorrow too. I can hear your huge sigh of relief!

By Susan Angel

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Psychic, Medium, Hypnotherapist, Healer and Tutor
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