It’s likely the most consistently sought after ‘thing’ by practitioners of every modality of energy therapy. It would be difficult (impossible in my own practice) to make significant headway in any session without primary attendance to it.

It, of course, is your feelings.

There’s an expression from a personal growth speaker (wish I could remember which one?), that pretty much crystallizes that understanding . . .

“People will forget what you said to them,
they’ll even forget what you did to them,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Consider for a moment that you’re a 4 month old child crying out because your diaper is wet, and a rash is causing a nasty burning sensation. Mother comes into the room, and upon discovering the rash, applies a soothing salve before putting on a fresh warm diaper. Instant relief! The searing, damp, uncomfortable feeling has been magically transformed into a warm, dry, comfortable one. “I’m so happy I could just s . . t!” – which you probably did sometime shortly thereafter :o).

Your mother likely offered some comforting words while performing this magical feat (they almost always do), but is that what you remember today?

Not likely.

Today you remember that more often than not, when Mom entered the room your world was transformed from one of misery and uncomfort to one of comparative bliss. “Hmmmm . . . somehow I always felt better when she was around!” The comforting vibration from the loving words may have soothed you, but it's the feeling of her being there that you'll remember!

Of course, chances are that we don't remember only joyful feelings from our mothers. They’re human too, and personal agendas can lead to building some quite different events and memories! The point is, however, that regardless of the positive or negative nature of the discourse between two people, what will be remembered by both of them ‘forever’ will be the feelings their meeting left them with.

Think about the incredible opportunity for growth this presents! Not just for ourselves, but for the people we'll come into contact with from this day forward.

Try this little experiment and see if your life doesn’t get just a little better. If you do this, by the way, it’ll be very easy to underestimate the joy you’ll be bringing the rest of the world every time you do it.

The next time you’re talking with, or even just meeting someone for the first time, notice something you like about them. Don’t be patronizing, as that would have the exact opposite effect to what we’re shooting for.

'By the way, as an adjunct to the joy this experiment might bring you, by taking time to notice these things (though it only takes seconds) you might well amaze yourself at the beauty you’ve been missing in people and things around you.'

So anyway, without any exaggeration, if they have deep blue eyes, or even an interesting nose ring . . . say so!

If they have a warming smile, or a great pink sweater . . . say so!

Congratulate them because they’re never sick . . . ask them how they cope so well with 9 kids at home . . . compliment their soothing voice.

As an example of someone doing (or not doing) the same for you, pretend for a moment that you just did a particularly smashing job of finishing up a task at work that others had been totally intimidated by and unable to do. (By the way, if you really did just do this . . . congratulations! :o)

Then you show it to your boss, and he/she responds in one of the 2 following ways;

“Great . . . did you change the ink in the photocopier?”


“Wow . . . how did you do that? . . . It seemed impossible!”

Neither response was very long, but it’s pretty obvious that the feeling you'd be left with after the first and second one would be infinitely different. The first might help you realize how small you are, whereas the second, how really very special you are . . . yet the task was the same one!

Try the experiment. Do it 2 or 3, or even 10 times a day if opportunity presents itself. If you can keep it up for 21 days, you’ll (according to the experts) have developed a new habit.

Not a bad habit by any standards :o)

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I'm just another of the many folks out there whose interest in natural health has lead to discovering the power of the mind/body to heal itself in ways far beyond the reach of traditional medicine.

Ongoing studies of continuously updated information from masters like Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Dawson Church, Esther Hicks, Bruce Lipton, Donna Eden and more occupy most of my spare momments. There is always so much to learn!
My favorite expression, "We are here but to serve."