When somebody asked me what I wanted to become when I was a little girl, I would definitely answer that I wanted to become a Queen! Not knowing what it entails to be a Queen, except living in a big castle, marrying my prince and be adored because of my elegance and a good sense of style. But hey, no one knows, and just like the lives of ordinary people, being a Queen is different for every woman.

The same goes for the four Queens in the Tarot Deck. They all belong to a royal court of one of the four elements: fire (wands), earth (pentacles), air (swords), and water (cups). Apart from the Queen, the ruling class further exists of 3 men: the page, the knight, and the king.

As the only female power in the royal court, the Queen taps into the feminine energy of nurturing and caring for others. She embodies the emotional manifestation of the suit that she rules from the inside as she has mastered the power of subtle persuasion. With this “silent and invisible power” Queens in the tarot deck are often considered as the most powerful minor arcana cards.

When a Queen appears in your reading, she often indicates emotional maturity and a deep understanding of yourself and others. It doesn’t matter whether she shows up in the past, present, or future. In addition, each Queen’s specific area of interest depends on the suit she rules.

The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is the representation of “the best of both worlds”. She is a wealthy, successful woman of royal blood. But even with the world at her fingertips, the Queen is still connected to reality. With her pragmatic and caring nature, she stands for all that is gained when one combines ambition with compassion and desire to see everyone succeed. If this Queen shows up in a reading, it may be time to dig in deep while also opening your heart.

The Queen of Swords

Swords - being a representation of the air element - have everything to do with communication, and the Queen of this element can be seen as the master of communication. She has the ability to find a mental clarity no matter the challenge, can cut through clutter like no other and come straight to the point. She isn’t afraid to show her honest opinion and thoughts and expects you to do the same.

The Queen of Wands

Be bold and don’t be afraid to show your creative outbursts! That’s what this card is all about. The suit of wands is full of energy, a creative kind, that breathes life into things that did not exist before. Combined with the courage and determination embodied by this Queen, things are looking pretty good!

If the Queen of Wands shows up in your reading, she tells you that you have high creative energies and an extreme focus and fiery passion. Use these abilities and be confident, and you can achieve whatever you want!

The Queen of Cups

3C’s that’s where this Queen stands for Compassion, Calmness, and Comfort. The element of this suit, water, symbolizes the unconsciousness and feelings, and as such, this suit is all about emotions. The Queen of Cups combines this energy, with an inward focus and calmness. She can be best described as a compassionate and caring person, who has the ability to connect with people on the emotional level. If she shows up in a reading, it might be a sign that you need to find help or connect with others to solve your problems. But before seeking help from others, this Queen advises you to connect and listen to your inner voice. Just like she does.

That's all for the Queens meanings, and I hope that after reading this article, you’re always happy when a Queen shows up in your reading, as she usually brings positive news. If you have pulled Queen tarot card in your spread, did the meaning make sense to your situation in life? Can’t get enough? Just read our Tarot Beginners Guide or Tarot Card Meanings for more explanation about all the tarot cards.

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