The film and video production process are fascinating when you look at what goes on in the background. Most of the awesome videos you watch or view come across due to the excellent work in the production process. What then are film and video production, and what does it entail?

The process of developing and creating a motion picture film is what you can simply refer to as a film and video production process. The process includes such activities as the initial development and then following the process to the final distribution stage. Just as it is with ASUAVEPRODUCTION Company, the process is quite different from one Production Company to the other.

The process follows a laid-down procedure that includes the pre-production stage to the production stage itself and then finally to the post-production stage. These are precisely the stages we follow at ASUAVEPRODUCTION. It is essential to point out, however, that the main stage where the actual filming takes place is at the production stage; this isn't in anyway overruling the importance of other stages; for example, the pre-production stages have the potential of influencing the whole process of film and movie production.

We would briefly consider the whole production stages and how ASUAVEPRODUCTION Company uses each to develop the excellent film and videos that we put out.

Concerned with the creation, development, and also revision of the script is the pre-production stage. At this stage also, all decisions that concern budgeting and financing are made. At ASUAVEPRODUCTION Company, we spend a fair amount of time planning and designing the whole process; this is to effectively manage funds and keep costs low during the entire production process. During this stage, everything that concerns casting, set construction, and scheduling is done here.

Moving on to the main production stage itself, the way we do it at is to utilize this stage to set up every equipment required for the whole filming process; audio devices, lighting, etc., are set up here. At this stage of production, the director oversees the whole process of filming and principal photography. The stage is critical to the whole production process and can make or marble everything; this is why ASUAVEPRODUCTION Company doesn't take this stage lightly.

Finally, at the post-production stage, missing scenes and sequences are captured. Things such as visual effects, visual directing, film editing, etc., are executed here. Also, this is the stage where we tend to work on the sound too. All are executed at this stage, from the musical scoring to sound editing, to enhance sound effects. From then on, the summation of the whole process moves into the film's marketing and distribution.

ASUAVEPRODUCTION does every process well like no other, and there is a touch of creativity and perfection to everything we do. This has been helped with our latest acquisition of the latest sophisticated equipment to enhance our work.

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