This is general monthly horoscope reading based on Capricorn moon sign.
This month you will have energy and stamina to deal with different life areas and your focus would be partially shifted to managing your career. On positive note your Children area would be quite good.
If you are looking to invest or park your money in real estate, then wait for better time to come as it will not be wisely decision to invest money in real estate now. If you want to multiply your money without any risk, then you can put up your money in post office savings or in Bank FD.
As far as child matters are concerned, this month would be nice and brighter for your child. Creative intelligence of child will be quite good this month. It will be quite good month for your child to develop or learn new things. Your children mood will be joyful. Overall good month for your child.
You should take extra care of your health whole month. Those who are facing cholesterol related problems, liver problems or diabetes problems should take extra care by taking medications on time.
Marital Life
If you are married, then this month will be quite good, except that there may be some small episodes of mental disturbance and depression but still you can make it brighter by your distinctive approach and taking some time out for each other.
As far as luck matters are concerned, opportunities will come and go, but it would be difficult to pounce upon those opportunities. You have to shred egoism and keep mind cool to catch opportunities that come in your way.
If in job, then period will not be as easy but you can make it manageable by your hard work, listening skills and by your mental intelligence. Although at times you may find that even by your hard work, you are not getting recognition at work place, but you had to continue your journey of hard work irrespective of results you may get. Just focus on to your own work and avoid chit chat at back end.
If in business, this month you had to put extra energy but still you may find it difficult to balance your energy for your business life. When you do not get rewards or as much business as you are expecting, you may get aggressive and lost some momentum. Just be patient as results take some time.

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