This is general monthly horoscope reading based on Libra moon sign.
This month your main focus would be to managing children, health and marital life and your energy will be sub-divided into these areas.
As far as investment matter are concerned, past investments will not give you so much returns which you may be expecting, so it would be better not to dispose off your property at this point of time. Try to be patient before making any investment decisions and wait for better time to come.
As far as children matters are concerned, at times your child may complaint of tiredness, headaches and body pain so take good care of your loved one and give balanced diet so that they remain healthy. Give them instructions to play safely else they may get some minor injuries.
As far as health matters are concerned, you had to take precautions as the month starts. If you are prone to liver disease, cholesterol problems, obesity, diabetes then do take special care to manage them. Take medications on time, reduce your weight, keep blood sugar under control, and take balanced diet for good health.
Marital Life
As far as marital relations are concerned, this month you had to put more efforts from your side so that momentum and flow goes on. Your spouse may be aggressive or become tired due to house hold or professional work , so do not disturb instead try to give helping hand so that bonding can become much more stronger.
As far as luck matters are concerned, it will not give you many opportunities and you had to forget about destiny and put concentration on hard work.
As far as professional matters are concerned, this month can be brighter if you become mentally strong and fulfill your important work on time. Although at times, you may find it difficult to make momentum, but still by your careful planning and listening to your superiors properly makes this month quite good for your professional commitments.
If in business, your 1st half of the business would be quite better than the 2nd half of the month. In 2nd half of the month you will become tired easily and have more aggression. Money inflows would be average. On whole, just look out the loopholes in your business and try to remove them which will create base to go higher in your business.

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