As the year came to an end, I found myself surrounded by groups of women looking deep into their souls about the way they wanted to spend the next year. There was the frustration and many days, anger about their current status in the home, work place and in their social networks. It was an easy topic to identify with, because I too had experienced this before. I felt that my work was going unappreciated and my talent going unnoticed. I realized after time of meditation and prayer that anger and frustration were my cue to change and move forward; using the gifts and talents that were already inside of me lying dormant. Having a feeling of “loosing yourself”, which is often expressed to me in group sessions by individuals can be one of the most empty feelings that can lead to damage of the inner person and a major hindrance to dreams being fulfilled. This is your time for healing and inner growth.
Many of us are challenged with life in general. The hustle and bustle of daily life, the stress of family, employment and society makes it hard sometimes to stop and take a deep breath. Raising children, taking care of home, carrying emotions that no one around us ever seems to understand has come to be the representation of being a woman. If our situation seems comfortable enough to stop and exhale we don’t realize that in that moment our lives could stop as well. Instead of moving forward, that moment will become a safe parking spot with no commitment, no obligation and just being left alone in a comfortable place. I lost myself in my comfort zone. My passion, my ambition and my drive had turned into only being a person that helped to build others, forgetting that I too have a promise for my life.
I know while you are reading this you are screaming, “yes that’s me” and I am so glad that you identified yourself with this scenario, and the challenge is now taking the next step and to come out. So many of us, including me, have prayed for an increase in our lives financially and placement in a bigger picture in the world. Whether it is a management position, running your own business, being able to except larger consulting contracts and having more free time, these are areas that are important to everyone. You sit and count your years of service, your education, maybe even the times that others stop you and remind you of how good you really are at what you do. All these things don’t seem to add up during your Sunday to Sunday life. The first step will start with you now finding yourself.
Feelings of wasting away means it is time for increase beginning within. When you begin to see the person in the mirror on a different level and walking into a life of promise, you must take hold, grab and receive it. You also want to embrace the positive momentum that has been built around you that you are not actually walking in. Simply by beginning to see yourself as others see you! To begin, you want to always have your motivation and goals in front of you. Then begin to list what it will take to meet the challenge and who can help you get there. Remember with every successful goal, there are steps that must be taken. When you take small steps, the bigger picture does not seem unattainable. Surround yourself with others who take time to motivate and push you. If for some reason no one is there to celebrate you, that’s great! Your first fan must be you…the person that you see in the mirror. Love that person, embrace that person, know the persons strengths and fears. Soon, you will have those around you that will celebrate who you are and what you have become! The more you begin to exercise success and be proud of your accomplishments, the more you will find yourself moving higher and higher every day. Turn the anger into ambition to move into another level of your life. There is destiny and purpose waiting for you. It is not to always make someone else look good; it is to see good while working your plan and making yourself look good. Personal Confession: I will find me and become the reflection of who I see, which is greatness from the inside out! Remember that as long as you live, so do your dreams! Be encouraged to live your best life, over and over again!
Blessings to you!
Dr. Karen
©Dr. Karen L. Donald, December 2014 K
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Dr. Karen is a certified Life, Parent and Intervention Specialist who has served national communities and shared her talents internationally. She is also the developer of a signature women’s movement for empowerment that launched in June of 2009 entitled Karen L. Donald’s 100% Woman In Me! She was also named YWCA Woman of the Year in the area of Leadership for Western Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan. She is the author of From Trash to Treasure which is a book of motivation and inspiration for men, women and teens. She shares a story of her own life and uses the powerful testimonial to teach others how to be empowered from their past. Coach Karen also co-authored a book entitled Breaking Free: Overcoming Self-Sabotage Written by contributing authors from Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, U.K., and the United States. Life Coach + Author + Motivational Speaker + Counselor Dr. Karen L. Donald, Global Icon