Standing desks seems like a futuristic solution for all the problems you face by sitting at your desk for hours. Many people purchase the standing desks after watching a few videos or reviews about them and feel like it can be an excellent investment towards a healthy lifestyle.

And Don't get it twisted, standing desks are a great solution; in fact, they are surprisingly more beneficial than you may think. From saving you from back pain problems to keeping your cholesterol controlled and your mind motivated, Standing desks or stand up desks accommodate you in various ways. There is a reason why many new startups and old companies are considering installing standup desks for their employees.

However, in recent years, it's been found out that working on standing desks has its own drawbacks as many workers complained about the pain in their legs, feet, and the lower back after working several hours on the standup mode.

Read below as we have penned down the five best strategies to take full advantage of your height adjustable desk.

Purchase a Standing Mat:

A Good Quality Standing mat, which is made out of 100% polyurethane, allows you to stand for hours every day without feeling stiff under your feet. The Good Quality of the mat keeps it buoyancy even after the hours of daily usage. Ignore the cheap quality mats that are made of weak foam or gel, as those mats won't make any difference, and you'll end up wasting your money.

Treat your feet Gently:

Although standing desks have numerous benefits, it has one major drawback of giving aches in your feet. Many employees who use the standing desks for hours daily complain about the pain in their feet. To tackle this issue, you can use various techniques and products, for example, using the porcupine massage balls or utilizing active footrests. The feet pain is not permanent, and you can quickly get rid of it.

Don't work in one position:

"Excess of everything is bad" is a phrase that sets fit in almost every situation. Working or staying in a position for a long time can often lead to aches, sore muscles, and other ergonomic diseases. Experts advise against mixing up different positions and not to stay in one modality for more than two hours. It is also recommended to take a break of 5 to 25 minutes after every 2 hours of the working session as these techniques lead to more vigorous mental and physical health.

Start your day by standing:

A Simple hack of starting your work while standing can drastically increase your standing hours. When leaving for home, instead of resting, keep the desk in the perfect aligned vertical position. This way, when you start your next day working session, your desk would be in an ideal position, allowing you to work comfortably more while standing rather than sitting.

Position your desk in the right way:

The last thing you want is to suffer from aches in your neck, shoulders, and wrists even after purchasing a height-adjustable desk.
Wrong positioning and working postures can damage your body severely. Make sure to adjust the desk in the right position according to your height. Keep a 90-degree angle between your arms and the laptop to ignore leaning over your computer. If you fail to achieve the right posture after multiple adjustments, consider buying a laptop stand.

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