There are five ways that hypnosis helps people to win at their chosen sport. They are: 1. developing a winning attitude, 2. developing motivation to persist, 3. developing an image of the winning game, 4. developing a plan to get from where you are to the winning game and 5. Feeling the success so it can become real to you. The hypnosis session incorporates all five of these in each session to complete the success picture. This is necessary so you can feel and believe in your success.

The first is the winning attitude. When I was very young, I failed at many subjects and would consistently bring home a report card full of d’s and f’s. Then my mother sat me down and discussed something that I will always remember. She told me that life is much like a river. If you do nothing the currents of time will drag you backward. However, if you push against the flow and make a difference, you will become a success. I felt that she was just giving me one of her famous lectures, but I felt that being punished was getting old. So I tried her philosophy and the next semester, I achieved the honor role.

Secondly, persistence is necessary to help you maintain the momentum despite failures that may come along the way. Thomas Edison failed 9,999 times prior to succeeding on the 10,000th time to create the electric light bulb. He told people that his failures taught him 9,999 ways that it would not work. By experiencing the so-called failures, he was able to find his success.

Third is the image of the winning game. This is important because unless you can imagine a thing, belief is not developed. When you can imagine yourself winning at your game with a clear image in your mind, it becomes easier to develop a belief in yourself. When I was working on getting good grades, I needed to create an image in my mind of getting the a’s and experiencing the pride of my parents as they read my reportcard. I didn’t know it then, but what I was doing then was indeed self hypnosis.

The fourth thing that is necessary to become a winner is to develop a plan of how you will get from where you are to where you want to be. It is easier to take a trip in new territory with a GPS or a road map than to go into the unknown without a plan. You can chart your progress along the way to prevent discouragement if you have a clear plan. For instance, to get the good grades, I planned to do the hardest courses first, to get good sleep, to pay attention in class, and to keep track of my improved test scores along the way. In this way, I executed my plan for success.

Finally, you feel the success before you actually experience it. This tricks your mind and makes you feel good. Your mind does not know the difference between an imagined success and a real one. As long as you get the good feelings that success creates, you increase your drive to go on. When you use hypnosis to win at your game, your progress is accelerated. You are using all five of the necessary steps to become successful in every forty-five minute session. You place these ideas into your subconscious mind where they can blossom into your success.

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I have been a therapist for many years in the Boston area.. My discipline is social work and I am a licensed independent clinical social worker in Massachusetts. I practice in a clinic in Malden Massachusetts where I use both rational emotive therapy and hypnosis to help people achieve their goals. My private practice is also very rewarding in which I do home-based hypnosis.

I live with my husband, a seeing-eye dog named Winston and a retired Seeing-Eye dog named leslie

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