You get that the common denominator in all your unwanted experiences is you. You're beginning to understand you have influence over the outcomes you achieve. You realize that, at least sometimes, you're the one standing in your own way.

Now you're fixated on fixing your problem. You're fixated on fixing You.

And that fixation won't fix anything.

In the first place, you aren't broken so you don't need fixing. What you really want is freedom from your fixated mind that works up a sweat from all the stress and anxiety that comes from such a caged-up state of being.


This freedom is a state of absorption rather than fixation. It is a state of being rather than wanting.

It is important to acknowledge you are doing the best you can with the light you have to see. If you think something is missing, you may be missing a few batteries in the flashlight you use to guide your way.

When you become the lightbulb you will no longer have to look. There will be nothing to fix. You will be there - wherever your heart is longing to take you and begging you to become.

You will no longer 'want this' or be attached to any 'must be this way' or 'should do or have whatever'. You aren't clinging to anything. Nothing is out of order.

Whether you are happy or sad, with this person or not, getting or not getting what you expected - is irrelevant if you are free of concern, worry, or attachment to a specific outcome.

It takes a lot of trust to hang so loosey-goosey. It takes a lot of life-affirming energy, confidence, courage and determination to allow yourself to live so freely. It takes moxie - the guts and audacious authenticity to be and fully express who you really are - no matter what!

When you were born you were in this state of freedom, of wonder, of awe. You allowed yourself to feel what you feel in each moment without worry or concern over the feeling. You had no preconceived idea of how things 'should be' or what you were 'supposed to' think.

If you were hungry you expressed your hunger. If you were amused you laughed with complete abandon.You had a sense of lightness, delight and joyful play. Each new experience was absorbed as it arrived with fresh curiosity.

Until you were influenced by well-meaning caregivers who put their hands in your experience telling you how you should act, think and feel.

Stop fixing.

Stop obsessing.

Let go of how you think you should feel.

Let go of who you think you should be.

Just allow yourself to be.

Without any attached meanings.

Fully awake and aware.

Acting instead of reacting.

With clear intention.

Grounded in authenticity.

In unwavering alignment with who you really are and what you were born to express.

Turn on your inner light.

Shine it so bright that your whole experience is well lit.

No hidden shadows.

No unearthed misguided beliefs.

Just pure light and truth.

And you will then naturally become the light, the shining example of an authentic life story well written, directed and told.

Fixing in post is rendered unnecessary.

Stop fixing.

Let it go. Let it all go. Just for a day or two, at first. Allow your life to unfold naturally without putting your hands into your experience through judgement or expectation.

I encourage you to engage a trained professional help you find your flashlight, put batteries in it and point it so it lights up your dark places. You will naturally be propelled in the direction where your heart wants you to go.

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