Walt Disney went bankrupt several times, yet he always bounced back-and created Disneyland in the process.

Steve L. was the proud and profitable owner of a gold mine in another country. He was sitting on top of the world when the government nationalized his business, taking over his mine and providing no compensation. He lost it all overnight, and yet he picked up the pieces and started all over again.

David Butler was raised on an Indian reservation. David's family lived on dirt floors well into his teens in spite of his father being a hard worker. They managed to get by but never seemed to get ahead.

By the time David was a senior in high school, he had decided that he didn't want to struggle the way his father had. He promised himself that he would never take a job to fulfill another man's dreams at the expense of his own. This was his intense Core Desire.

This innate desire caused David to have an I-will-overcome attitude. After years of striving, he became a distributor for a company that focused on health and personal care. Along the way, David had some heartbreaking disappointments and met with many obstacles-some of his own making-but he didn't quit. He learned what he had to do to change and forged ahead, driven by his Core Desire to be financially free. His Conquering Force was at full throttle the whole time, causing him to overcome mistakes and achieve a high level of income.

Today, with a six-figure annual passive income, David and his wife enjoy a life that is free from financial worries. He is free to be with his family, free to travel, and free to serve others.

There will be times, as David found, when you run into brick walls or dead ends, and you may become discouraged. Facing those problems and solving them may not be easy, but if it is a genuine Core Desire, your Conquering Force will assist you-and you won't quit until you have overcome the barriers. Some of the greatest adversities you face can turn out to be opportunities.

Kathleen Deoul applied for a job at a large company and was turned down, but she persisted. One year and nine interviews later, her perseverance paid off when a company chose her as the first woman ever hired for a sales position on the East Coast. In spite of the daunting discrimination she endured, her relentless drive positioned her as the company's first major account representative. In her first year, she ranked in the top ten out of more than three hundred sales reps, breaking through several glass ceilings.

Having gone as high as she could go in that company, she left and started her own company. She became a leader in providing executive office suites for Department of Defense contractors, doing business with the Pentagon and the navy.

At the age of forty-two, while pregnant, she was stricken with a debilitating disease. She dealt with tremendous pain, an inability to sleep, chronic fatigue, and multiple life-threatening infections. Eventually, her ability to walk was impaired. She endured six major surgeries over a nine-year period, commuting 120 miles a day to work while enduring painful spasms in her back, neck, and shoulders. Things were tough, to say the least, but her Core Desire to succeed in business did not let her stop or give up.

While still operating her executive office suites company, she also became a distributor of health products for a company that had helped her with her physical problems. She parlayed this part-time business into a multimillion-dollar income. Over the course of just six years, she created a fantastic lifestyle. She says that her health problems helped fuel her success because she had to become knowledgeable about the health issues afflicting her. The very thing that forced her to sell her first business created vast wealth-and health-for her.

Kathleen credits her success to having a clear understanding of her Core Desires. She never practiced goal- setting, daily affirmations, or visualization. Her success is a direct result of her Core Desires unleashing her Conquering Force. With this power, she got past all the problems, disappointments, physical struggles, and discouragement.

Dave Johnson was newly married when he found himself in a job he disliked. He decided to join the navy and take advantage of both their training and the GI Bill. He felt the navy would be a good way to begin an electronics career.

One day while working on some electronic equipment, he realized that this was not what he wanted to be doing for the next thirty years. He remembered the leader of his church telling him, "Happy is the man who has found his worship, wife, and work-and loves all three." Dave only had two of the three-he loved his worship and his wife. Now he needed to find work that he dearly loved.

At a business meeting, Dave heard an extremely successful man speak. After the lecture, the host told the speaker, "These people will never be the same because you came here today."

That statement had a deep impact on Dave, and he knew he had found what he was looking for. He, too, wanted to know that people would be changed for the better because of him. He had connected to a deep-rooted Core Desire. He immediately set out looking for a career where he could uplift people and realize his desire.

Dave was struggling to make ends meet. He lived in a modest house and could not afford to feed his nine children. He was "financially terminal," at rock bottom, and in great despair. At age forty he had expected to be rich and famous. Instead he was broke and embarrassed.

Dave began a home-based business as an independent distributor of health products of a large Japanese company, and this time things were very different. He was able to generate over two hundred thousand dollars in income in the first year. Now he has eleven children, is debt free, and enjoys an annual seven-figure income. More importantly, he spends his days achieving his Core Desires-teaching, training, and helping others. He is making a difference in lives all over the world, just as he always wanted to do.

Dave's problems and challenges paved the way for his financial success. His struggles and failures strengthened and taught him. With each misstep, he moved closer to what he really wanted. Once he was clear about his Core Desire, it unleashed his Conquering Force, and with that force he overcame huge obstacles.

Dave credits his success to a powerful and overwhelming desire to make a difference. He knows that obstacles may slow you down, but they cannot stop you.

No obstacle can keep you away from a 100 on your Core Desire Scale. If you truly want to have more income, you have the ability within you to create it. You must identify the risks involved with your venture, then move forward as if they don't exist. Be willing to fail-the average entrepreneur has 3.8 failures before finally achieving a success. True entrepreneurs never accept defeat. Failure bothers them, but they are driven by Core Desires so they keep going. Don't say, "I am not the entrepreneur type." You can be whatever "type" you want to be. Not all entrepreneurs operate or act the same way.

R. H. Macy failed seven times before his New York department store became a success.

John Creasey, the prolific English novelist, received more than seven hundred rejection slips before finding a publisher and going on to publish over five hundred books.

Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time, said, "If you aren't succeeding at the rate you want, increase your rate of failure."

We've all heard that it took him ten thousand failures before he got a light bulb to work. "At least I know ten thousand ways it won't work," he said.

There's an element of risk in almost every decision. Deciding not to take a risk could mean losing out on some of life's greatest joys and experiences.

Can you see yourself making ten million dollars? Even if you can't, maybe you can see yourself earning fifty thousand or a hundred thousand dollars more. Are earnings like this possible, or probable, in your line of work? You can create any amount of money you want, if it is really a Core Desire. Find one-or more-mentors to show you how to do it, follow their advice, and acquire their success attributes and characteristics.

If you worry about money, you probably feel powerless to make more, but this just isn't true. All you need to do is change your attitude, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and excitedly begin working on your new solution. But if you believe that hard work alone will be the answer to improving your finances, then your paradigm may be keeping you from experiencing financial success.

I know many hardworking people who never seem to have enough money. My parents retired on about sixteen hundred dollars a month-and they were two of the hardest working people I know. Hard work alone isn't the answer-unless it is hard work applied properly in areas that can create wealth, combined with correct self-paradigms and a Core Desire to do so. Once you unleash your Conquering Force, you automatically have the enthusiasm to work toward any financial objective you identify, whether it is an additional five hundred dollars a month or a million dollars in net worth. It doesn't matter how you choose to make money. But you will have to do things differently and be something more than you are at this time. Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can help you get rid of many of the things that cause unhappiness.

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