This Holiday Season give a gift to yourself and your family that will relieve all the stress and tension. Stop fighting and flip it. Seriously we mean flip it. First you smile. Second you take a deep breath. Third you use your powers of creativity to turn the situation around. Where attention goes energy flows, if your attention is on the positive it's only going to get better.

All of our thoughts and actions manifest our present time experiences once you know this it makes it easy to realize that you are in control and truly do have the power to flip every situation to a happier thought allowing you to magnetize more positive results and occurrences. If you are invested in finding fault you will keep finding fault, so flip it for good.

Your guests are late. You feel the panic rise as you worry about your holiday meal. Candles are burning. You get a little annoyed, which leads to tension, which leads to unhappiness. Stop right there. Smile. Take a deep breath. Find the pivot point that turns the negative into a positive, that flips it for good. Think to yourself: I have time to have a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Time to remember that I invited them here from the heart not the kitchen. I can relax as I finish the last minute preparations and voilà, I'm “off the hook.”

My sister keeps using my razor. This is not the first time so I immediately get upset. Stop. Breath. Flip it! Now I know a funny stocking stuffer gift.

When our mom and grandma's cancer metastasized to her brain requiring her to live with us full time we opened our home knowing it would bring new experiences: changing diapers, preparing meals, wheel chair maneuvering, loss of an income to provide care. A natural focus could be on the negative. Instead we stopped. Took a deep breath. Flipped it for good. The sacrifices were seen as gifts given to somebody we loved rather than a burden. This perspective allowed for a light hearted attitude and plenty of laughter as we adjusted to the situation.

Flip it reminds you that you choose the thoughts, the expression of the emotions. You choose the energy you send. It doesn't solve the problem it just opens a new window to allow in fresh air. Sometimes you can only control you thoughts and how you respond to the feelings. Flip it puts the focus back on a beneficial outcome, igniting the power of heart centered aligned energy.

This holiday instead of focusing on the stress, money, work, travel... Smile. Take a deep breath. Find the pivot point so you can flip it. The moment of alchemy changing the negative to positive. The transitional moment. The little grain of hope. Flip it for good.

Author's Bio: 

Emerald Dream Hypnosis, LLC., Tom Day and Kathy Murphy Juhl (mother and son) are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, Co-Owners of Emerald Dream Hypnosis and Co-Creators of The Path. We have a passion for supporting others in the creation of their dreams and happiness.