We are all like the rough uncut gems born unto the earth. We are there beneath the surface waiting for the light of day and a skilled craftsman to find us releasing the true inner beauty hidden deep within. If we are lucky, our day, will come along emancipating us from the frozen ground of the ordinary and suffocation of the empty darkness and yet it is this very lonely dirty process that creates the protective layers while preserving the unique core or soul. Time married to the warmth of the sun and the magic of the universe produce the rock that begins the journey. Time allows separation, differentiation and individuation to gently unfold until at last in the final jeweler’s hand the alchemy is completed. With love the stone is cleansed, polished, held to the light for illumination and understanding. The skilled expert carefully discovers how to best impact this wondrous stone sculpting the most beautiful outcome. Time, skill, patience, vision combine carving the facets that will allow the exchanges of light sending out shimmering waves of energy and beauty. The colors are freed; the spirit flies up and out of the prison into its place in history, in life. Perhaps it is an emerald, gleaming shades of green, softly taking your breath away with its spectacular show as the layers are carefully transformed into regal durable treasure.

Are we not the same? I trust that my heart lies in the hands of an expert, (me). I believe that I communicate seamlessly with this master, (my subconscious mind, my conscious awareness). It is true that my heart has received many cuts and blows over the years on this planet allowing those that choose to engage glimpses into my translucent soul, my essential signature of self, my brilliant aura of love; and yet I dream a dream of connecting with never ending clarity and intensity! A vision of overflowing abundance, perfection, joy and prosperity that gratefully touches all it encounters sharing the secret of highest vibrations, purest light and satisfying feelings of well being.

Are you happy? Do you believe that you, you alone, create your positive experiences of love, abundance, fulfillment and spiritual attunement? Be an island of balance, emotion, energy, wherever you’re at; with people that annoy you, with people that you love with people that you have never meet before. Don’t let the circumstances of others, the demands of a commercial society or of a spiritual practice to weigh you down. Stay focused internally. Accept and clarify your true focus. Experience that focus in your mind. Make sure that focus is held deeply in a heart centered belief and most importantly allow this focus to manifest into your reality. Just as the earth released that imperfect gem into the outstretched hands of the treasure hunter allowing it to manifest its perfect outcome you are called, here, now to do the same. It is your time.

Focus. Enjoy. Smile. Believe.

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Emerald Dream Hypnosis, LLC., Tom Day and Kathy Murphy Juhl (mother and son) are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, Co-Owners of Emerald Dream Hypnosis and Co-Creators of The Path. We have a passion for supporting others in the creation of their dreams and happiness. http://www.emeralddreamhypnosis.com