Sigmund Freud stated that dreams represent unresolved inner conflicts. Many intuitive folks that trust their dreams and intuition exclusively in choosing people, places, and experiences, may be losing out on some great opportunities.

Here's the catch on following your intuition or dream interpretation. Dream and intuition interpretation are a double-edged sword. Similar to “unexamined” fear, “unexamined” intuitive flashes and dreams, can both protect, yet also limit you and your happiness in daily life.

While I do know that dreams in fact can be psychic, profound, and also communication from lost loved ones, I strongly believe that such dreams represent only 1% of the total dreams in the “average” population. I'm not saying that a certain small percentage of people more often than not, do have genuinely prophetic dreams. I only wish to help those who find themselves unsure of what intuitive information to trust, to achieve more of what they want in daily living.

There is a “very fine line” between accurate intuitive information, projecting your wants, needs, and fears, and being “cookoo.” The strongest intuitive sense that most people operate upon is feeling. Strangers who learn what I do for a profession, will often claim not to be intuitive. Ironically, these same people can be overheard at the office or home making statements like, “I didn't buy the house because it didn't 'feel right.' Or, I just didn't 'feel' I could trust him or her.

Let me give you an example: the universe, synchronicity, or simply chaos-theory provide you opportunities for love, work, learning, and travel on a daily basis. If such opportunities have subliminal characteristics “on the surface” that trigger memories of an unpleasant experience, what do most people do? Fail to dig deeper, “project their unexamined fears,” and lose a great new friend, job, experience, or trip.”

If your past free-choices were based upon unexamined flashes of feelings – what if the feelings were wrong? Wouldn't you simply lose something you wished to experience? My main point is that each one of us has an intuitive capability that helps, heals, & guides us, and … each one of us also experience fears that protect, yet also limit us.

How do you know the difference between true intuitive information or genuine communications from the Spirit World vs our ego's fears that limit us? 1. If it comes out of no where, you were never thinking about it, and it makes no logical sense to you – it's highly likely intuition (you didn't have a preferred outcome since you weren't thinking about it). 2. If the message is “anything” but love and comfort from the Spirit World – it is likely coming from your ego's fears and needs to predict and control outcomes, in order to protect you.

Don't let unexamined fears limit you. Ask your Spirit-Guides for help. If you'd like me to channel what your Spirit-Guides have to say by scheduling a psychic reading, I'd be happy to.

You are not your present-day circumstances, your present-day circumstances are simply a summary of your own past choices, both good and bad, based upon either true accurate intuition and dreams, or your own unexamined fears.

Wishing You All the Very Best on Your Journey


Mike Schopp

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Mike Schopp is a Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Counselor with 20+ years of working via Phone & Skype and offers a “Money-back Guarantee” on all readings. He has been a “guest psychic” on radio and has provided entertaining spiritual, psychic, & mediumship development courses & presentations in China, Thailand, England & USA. Educated at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Mediums in Essex, England and the California School of Psychology, he blends channeling with his professional experiences in counseling, career assessment, and organizational development to jump-start others to identify & achieve their soul's dreams.

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