There exist sadly lots of questions you will need to reply to after finding out your wife or husband was being unfaithful. Because of your mate's selfish actions your entire universe was rocked to the foundations. Through no fault of your own you are struggling with another person's garbage and there's no getting away from it.

Although you have numerous difficulties to sort out there are three questions that arguably are at the top of the list. Certainly you would like to know the reason your spouse betrayed you but at this time their motives takes a back seat to the following:

Q. Should You Continue With The Marriage?

This is the most obvious and truthfully maybe the most difficult. It's easy the minute you find out the news your mate had an affair. Yet after a certain amount of time passes you might not be so sure of your response. You might have powerful feelings for your mate and in addition there may be a whole lot of entanglements that could cause problems if you decide to divorce. It's a difficult call and one that only you can make therefore be gentle with yourself.

Q. Does Your Wife Or Husband Want To Proceed With The Relationship?

A lot of spouses that have been victimized by infidelity don't really think about whether or not their straying spouse wants out of the marriage unless they simply announce that they cheated and have made the decision to end the marriage themselves. That occurs yet so does a period of indecision when not exactly positive what they really want to do.

Now you could just beat them to the punch and announce you are ending the marriage but this is not likely to be simple and easy if you still love them. As tough as it will be you may have to wait your spouse out. This does not mean you let your mate to have all the time in the world to make a decision. But if you get any kind of indication they are ready to work it out with you then patience on your part could be very advantageous.

Q. Should The Answer To Both Questions Is Yes Then What Exactly Are The Two Of You Ready To Carry out To Guarantee The Marriage Gets Rebuilt?

In order for the marital relationship to be rebuilt there needs to be some ground rules. Not simply going to marriage counseling although that would be a significant step. But also some sort of monitoring process has to be implemented. That may be anything from your spouse checking in with you every hour or just spying on them.

Whatever it takes to guarantee the marriage moves in a positive direction i.e. you are able to trust you mate again. That could be a long time down the road so the two of you have to make a decision jointly exactly how much you're prepared to accomplish and see it through.

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