As women, we are moms, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, step moms, career women. That's a lot of hats to ware. It's very easy to do for others and forget about ourselves, or keep putting ourselves off "Until We Have More Time" but them we forget and fill our time with other responsibilities.

Guess what... If you turn that around, and take care of you first... YOU will be able to do more, help more people, IN LESS TIME. I know this sounds like a physical impossibility, and then there's the MOTHER'S GUILT, "WHAT, I couldn't do that, I couldn't put myself before my children.

Think about a car for a second. If you put the wrong fuel in that car, will it run optimally? NO! You need the best fuel for that car so it can go at top speed the greatest distance. With the highest quality fuel the car goes further, faster. It gets more done in less time.

Moms, when was the last time you filled your tank? When was the last time you took care of you? You're always hurrying to do for your kids and others. Great, but don't you want your kids to have the best you they can get, not the tired left overs, but the best you they can have?

Then begin with you. Start by getting up 10 minutes early. This is your uninterrupted time. NO work, or responsibilities, no interruptions, just privet you time. Time for a 10 minute Goddess Retreat.
You could...
give yourself a detox sea salt bath, (throw some flowers in there too)
a mani/pedi (in ten minutes you might have to pick one or the other)
a olive oil and sea salt body scrub (I'm telling you, your skin will look like you stepped off the cover of a magazine)
write in a journal
visualize how you want your day to go
connect to your spiritual posse
sit in your hot tub (if you have one)
a facial
hot oil mask for your hair
paint with watercolors
anything that brings you PLEASURE
This should be alone quality time where you can show your body and yourself GRATITUDE. Show yourself love.

The better you treat yourself, and feed yourself, the more you will be able to give your children and those you love. Don't you want to give them the best quality you can? Then be the best that you can, by putting you first.

I have seen such great results with this in my life. I now get up 30 minutes early, and I'm excited to get out of bed, because I know I get a treat. I no longer wake up hating the alarm clock, and having to deal with that old mad, morning chaos that I used to have. I love my mornings now, and that's not something my family would've heard me say before I began this. I started to love my mornings and myself. Now I can give my family a better quality me.

Are you ready to...

get more done in less time?
release the stress, and feeling of being overwhelmed?
start feeling sexy, sassy, passionate and powerful?
catch your husband checking you out?
have passion, excitement, and purpose?
Are you ready for my proven system to help you…
find your passion and purpose
have deeper relationships
have better sex
bring in more money
connect to your inner power and self
connect to your spiritual helpers

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With Love and Light,

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Author's Bio: 

Hi there.
I'm Meg Hubbard of I am a life coach and mentor. I love helping people get to their AH-HA moments. I love to help them find their answers to their happiness, passion, fulfillment. It’s so exciting to help someone know what they want, and to help them go get it. I become fulfilled in helping them reach their goals. To watch a woman become excited, creative, passionate, and feirce, that feels like she fell in love with her husband all over again. THAT ROCKS!

I know what it feels like to be stuck in a rut. I had no energy to do anything when I got home from a career I wasn't excited about. I wanted to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV, but I still had the kids, husband, dogs, school projects and house work to do. I was stuck in a toxic cycle. I couldn't see my way out of it. I was gaining weight, losing energy, getting sick and depressed. I would find more and more reasons not to leave the house and go out. It felt like I died a little each day and I was wasting my life away. I felt trapped. There just had to be something more.

We had three successful businesses. I had a beautiful, loving husband and two beautiful, healthy sons. We had a beautiful home and toys. I had so many blessings and nothing I should complain about, but there was still something missing. I struggled and tried to work it out but I couldn't find it. So I started to search. I had to figure it out, for me and for the sake of my family. It wasn't fair to them that I was stuck and feeling frustrated, numb, unfulfilled, empty and tired. I needed to be whole so I could help them be whole. I knew life didn’t have to be like this. I tripped and stumbled and went down dead ends. Finally after more than 14 years of searching and study I figured it out. I got my Ah-Ha moment. I can help you get yours in weeks rather than years. I became a Theta Therapy Practitioner to remove the old patterns and programs that no longer serve you. This helps you find your blocks and remove them. Once I removed my blocks I was unstoppable. You can be unstoppable too. I want to help you so you won't have to stumble and trip. I want to help make your journey as smooth and graceful as possible.

After I found the answers, I was happy ,energetic, passionate, fulfilled and abundant and my family and I laugh out loud together. My husband and I can't keep our hands off each other. IT IS AMAZING how great life is! I go to bed at night and I am excited about the morning. I wake up without an alarm clock because I am excited about my day. I am living my passion and purpose. I lost the extra weight because I am happy and fulfilled. I feel sexy, and have more energy, and confidence because I lost the weight. I became more abundant because my energy changed.

Life is better, love is better, sex is better.

That's why I became a mentor.

As my gift to you, for taking the first step to move forward on your path, a complimentary private discovery session with me.

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Love and Light to you.