Singapore is known as one of the top cities all over Asia in view of the quality living as indicated by the Global Human Resource Consultancy. In 2018, it was also acknowledged as the ‘Happiest country in South-east Asia’ by the World Happiness Report. As a result, the number of foreigners who are yearning to live in SG is growing constantly. These days, many foreigners are seeking Executive Condominium (EC) flats in Singapore.

Since the personal satisfaction is regularly the reason for estimating a new home to stay in and how great the occupants would feel about their life, the EC showflat could offer more of the best over ordinary apartments and condo.

The EC mean ‘Executive Condominium’ and the word Showflat derived from a British word of a newly-constructed and furnished flat set for the potential buyers to look at!

Search for a real estate agent in SG through online. Real estate’s websites have surely a show gallery where you are free to view their EC showflat launching to determine the type and size of the room that you wanted to buy. Otherwise, apply through an electronic submission to purchase so that your eligibility as a foreign applicant to procure a unit will be assessed immediately as it is mandatory.

Convenience is important when you select your ideal home, you can ask an online agent about the flat’s exact location if there are nearby amenities of hospitals, schools, shops, restaurants, cinema, and so on. Are there adjacent grocery stores where you can buy groceries even in the late night? Make sure everything is well-organized.

What with the Executive Condominium Showflat differs from ordinary homes to stay?

This showflat is a strong demand in SG nowadays. It became the new option of home buyers in 2019 among other types of homes because the spaces are a striking choice for first-timers in terms of the expansive Price Appreciation as well as the arbitrage.

As a foreigner, would I be able to purchase property in Singapore?

Yes, you can, as long as you can comply with the requirements needed by the real estate as per the rules of the Government in SG to follow. If you are interested to purchase an EC showflat, simply be arranged with your financial asset as the costs of the product. If truth be told, there are no confinements in Singapore as anybody can purchase a home property. Purchasing a space is simple, regardless of a few essential guidelines toward far-off possession that you ought to be careful with in advance.

Singapore might be the smallest nation in Southeast Asia yet it has risen as a standout amongst the best places to live with a high caliber of life valuation. Now, if you are one of them planning to migrate there and you need a home to stay, then you should start looking for the best and professional real estate agent that can help you find an EC Showflat.

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