Lack of self confidence affects women more than men because of the way we’re wired. Women have been wired to be more intuitive and nurturing than men, and therefore the hormones and other factors in a woman’s brain affect the way she sees herself. Her intuitions and sense of nurturing also cause her to worry and care more about how other people see her. But, there are ways you can gain more self confidence despite your hormones and wiring.

1. Recognize that you lack self confidence. Before you can overcome lack of self confidence, you must recognize what it is. Some people go through life afraid to do certain things, not realizing it’s a confidence issue. For instance, if you have stage fright, most likely it’s because you’re unsure of your ability to speak or sing or whatever the case may be. So, search yourself and if needed, get some help from someone experienced with helping others overcome lack of self confidence, like a life coach.

2. Practice being more self confident. You probably know people who exude self confidence. Emulate them by ‘walking tall’, sitting confidently and upright, holding your head up high when you walk across a room and looking at others directly in the eye when you speak to them. It won’t be easy at first, but the more you practice appearing confident on the outside, the more you will start to feel confident on the inside.

3. Face your fears. When you’re in a situation that makes you feel insecure or unsure about yourself, recognize it and deal with it. Ask yourself: “What about this situation makes me feel the way I do?” Then once you know what makes you feel anxious, face your fear and do whatever it is you’re fearful of. You will never be able to get over your fears if you never take steps out of your comfort zone.

4. Get help from someone who will help you with the above steps. A life coach can help you recognize the areas in which you lack confidence, show you ways you can practice appearing more self confident and help you face your fears without feeling like you’re jumping off a cliff without a safety net.

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