Congratulations! You have decided to become a "free agent" - also known as an independent professional and freelancer. Depending on how you plan to handle your freelance lifestyle, you will need to determine how, where, when and with whom you want to work.

Make a plan and set some long-term and short-term goals. Find out what you want to do, who you want for clients, what contacts you have already created, what do you need to learn, and what are the first steps you need to take to get created? I suggest you read the following new free agent credo that I found in Daniel Pink's book Free Agent Nation: How America's New Independent Workers Transforming the Way We Live: "The very act of work must produce its own inherent rewards. Well enjoy what you Produces quality work that is a true reflection of who you are.Use your freedom to take responsibility for your work.Decide for yourself what constitutes success.And if you do not have fun - at least some of the time - you're doing something wrong. "

Decide where you want to do most of your work, and if you are at home, create an attractive, comfortable and usable space. There are as many choices in the direction you need to take as there are free agents. Some work part-time at home and part-time in their client's office. Some work in the library, others in the park or in a café nearby. You can have an extra room or a space in the dining room, bedroom or cave. The important consideration here is to make your work area as fresh and inviting as possible so that you look forward to being there. Add meaningful photos, books, plants, paintings, crafts and anything else that pleases you.

Buy the necessary tools for your trade and set them up in an organized way. These will include a computer, supplies, telephone with an answering service, fax, files, a back-saver chair, reference library and all the other time and space saving devices you need. Although the initial purchase and setup will take time, the more efficiently you organize everything, the smoother your life and your business will function.

I suggest the colorful plastic boxes that come with handles and partition pockets. I have one for each major project and fill them with colored and labeled file folders, which I easily slide in and out of when needed. It also makes archiving easy and fun. So when I meet with the client, I can just have the whole thing with me so I have everything I need.

Another option is to create a workspace with others. It is easy as a free agent to experience loneliness. One solution is to set up an office with other freelancers or small business people. Even if you are still working alone, you can share equipment, a receptionist, a conference room and a small kitchen area. There are companies and organizations that offer these facilities, but you may find renting a small space along with some others can be more cost effective.

Remember that the sooner you get the original setup completed, the sooner you get started on the important things - your new and exciting career!

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