Is it true that self-hypnosis serves as a self-discovery?

Yes. Since you will be interacting with the subconscious, hidden truths may be revealed. You may start thinking about certain things freely that you might have been hiding even from yourself. You may understand concealed reasons for certain actions and subdued emotions that may help you improve as a person.

Is self-hypnosis secure?

With a professional hypnotist, it is secure. The process of self-hypnosis cannot be blamed or the science found erroneous owing to a single person’s or amateur/fake hypnotist’s fault. It is imperative to trace the background of a hypnotist before even getting a meeting scheduled as you will be trusting this person to probe your mind, you need to know if it’s safe with him.

Is it possible that self-hypnosis end up in making a person highly suggestible?

Yes it makes a person highly suggestible. Self-hypnosis enhances the results of hypnosis as well as the self-hypnosis itself. The sessions become simpler and quicker. But you become highly suggestible only in your own self-hypnosis. And ‘no’ self-hypnosis doesn’t make a person effortlessly persuaded.

What can we undergo self-hypnosis for?

Mostly self-hypnosis is taken up to change a prevalent state of mind and individuality. For example, a person who flares up easily can learn tolerance through self-hypnosis. So can a chatterbox or a gossiper. Self-hypnosis can enhance a person’s mental storing capacity as well as attentiveness, so it is used by students for enhancing scores and learning. Some associate it with relieving body pain. This is due to the fact that hypnosis prevents a person from remembering the pain or sensing it. Self-hypnosis is also related to help give up the habit of smoking.

Can self-hypnosis enhance our sports abilities? If yes, can it toughen a person?

A few people have asserted that self-hypnosis enhances our sports abilities. But it does not help in toughening up the body of a person. Sports abilities could be affected as self hypnosis enhances a person’s attentiveness and renders a braver outlook.

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