Creative, holistically minded people work in circular patterns, often experiencing life in more of a spiral than a linear fashion. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with this pattern. In fact it is essential for creative expansion and it must be honored as part of the creative process. Without the help of linear goals, however, the circular approach to life and work can spiral out of control, so much so that the highly creative person runs around in circles feeling overwhelmed and achieving very little. I call this the "creative tornado". The tornado gains momentum as it spins and if it doesn't have a direct intention and linear direction as a guide, it will move randomly and in a disorganized fashion which impedes the process of true achievement.

The process of setting and achieving goals is typically seen as a linear activity of moving forward (or horizontally) on a timeline, but it is actually a vertical and horizontal activity which transforms an out of control tornado into a powerhouse of productivity. Powerful goals establish a vertical column of intention directly into the center of the tornado. Some people may see this as a vision, a big picture of what is desired. Nonetheless is an essential part of the goal achievement process. This vertical line of intention provides inner stability to the creative tornado. The tasks which must be achieved over time create the horizontal line of power which moves the spiral pattern along a deliberate path.

To use linear goal setting effectively for the purpose of directing creative energy, first establish a vision for the project. What will it look and feel like when it's completed? It's very helpful to get into the feeling aspect of a vision. As the project takes form its appearance often shifts, but the feeling of what is desired stays constant. Next set a timeframe for its completion. Then list the steps which need to happen to get to the final vision. Once the steps are outlined establish a timeframe of completion for each step along the way. These are guidelines and will need to be adjusted along the way. But without a clear idea of what needs to be done and when it can reasonably be completed, the spiral energy has no direction or momentum.

When the vertical and horizontal elements of linear goals are used in this way, the spiraling creative energy is strengthened. The creative process gains momentum in a deliberate way, picking up, incorporating and integrating the things which are most important for the creation. This turns an aimless tornado of creative effort into a powerhouse of productivity.

Author's Bio: 

Sandy Freschi is a personal life coach, ordained minister and intuitive healer with over 20 years experience in the healing and helping professions. Her mission is to empower people to create the life they want with the wisdom they have. She believes that the best way to do this is by fully living the inner spirit in the outer world.