In the contemporary times, various and complex issues are prevailing in our societies. Regarding this, fundamental rights of human beings are most violated. Depriving of persons from their natural and basic rights has become rampant. People of the world in general and Muslims of the Islamic Countries in particular have witnessed grave and severe forms of human rights violation. There is gross misconception and creed for Islam and Muslims in the west that Islamic teachings and values do not support and recognize human rights and obligations. The injunctions of Islam are not compatible with universal human rights. On the other hand, Islam was first religion who founded edifice of basic human rights and strongly promoted its enforcement and implementation. After 1400 years, then international body of the United Nations drafted them and declared them through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human rights are considered as benchmark and mainspring of civilizations. These rights define prosperity and essentials of society. So keep this in context, we can claim that it was Islam which decorated the world human rights and before advent of Islam, world was uncivilized. It was unknown to rights and obligations of human beings and their implementation. We found a great advancement in the fields of arts and sciences by many civilizations and they got prominent place in the world regarding their contributions but they never did anything for promotion of human rights and for its practical executions. Progress in human rights, if there were any, would arise their legitimacy from an exact ruler whoever is in place and his descendant would not be guaranteed to spread them: human rights approved by a head of state could be carried off by another if supposed compulsory or convenient. Umrah Tickets are now lunched with luxury accommodations foe Muslims across the World.

The western political intellectuals and Lawmakers in the 16th and 17th centuries came forward to teach and aware the masses about the concepts and importance of civil authorities and important privileges regarding their political and social affairs. This consciousness provoked the people to endeavor for their rights resulting in a nasty succession of battles between the rulers and the masses. Civil liberties were intractably withdrawn by the monarchs, whereas, the mases wrestled ardently for them. Revolts grabbed place, and with each insurgency the people won a novel franchise. In this fashion, through the trial of violence and skirmish, a mounting body of rights settled.

On the opposite side, Islam, took an expressively diverse development. Initially, as Allah Almighty Himself had conversed them, the individuals did not have to aggressively seize these privileges from some monarch or ruler of state. Furthermore, being the civil rights designed by Allah Almighty, human rights cannot be eliminated or annulled by any man or group of people. This idea can be observed on Umrah event and for Umrah Flight are available.

Every Muslim leader or government must identify and implement them in their states they are fragment and parcel of the Islamic belief. If a person overlooks to do so, or rejects them, or nearly violates them while forfeiting lip-service to them, the teachings and wisdoms of the Holy Quran in such a case is clear and plain, right to practice religious practices, right to have freedom of expressions, protections of property, honor, and so on are some precedents of Islamic rights about human beings.

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