It is pity that religion which was declared as flagbearer of peace and brotherhood, now it has been involved in grave and severe crisis. There are internal and external challenges which we are facing. fundamentalist Muslims is one of the internal issue which have eaten roots of our social structure. Comprehending or not, fundamentalism is one of the most ill-treated term. Most of the time, it is connected with radicalism. Yet, if the knowledges of Islam are studied, it would be clear that the past finest Muslims were fundamentalists. Quite the opposite, today, the people who are usually labelled as fundamentalists are far absent from succeeding of the Islamic educations. Most of them have apparently returned to the pre-Islamic jahilliyyah conducts of dangerous faithfulness to their groups, to extremism.
The reply lies in modifying or deserting the improper understandings of Islam by some of the so called 'Ulema'. These transcribers, no matter how educated they may be in educations of the religion, or how large may be their supporters, or how recognized their teachings, are not forecasters. Prophets cannot be wrong, but these transcribers of Islam can be.
If Islam seems rigid and inflexible, it is because the educated translators make it so. They inclined to be punitive and intolerant when understanding during the superb day of the Muslim territories. And so, long after the Muslims have misplaced their predominant era, and the world has altered, the Muslim were pressed to adhere to clarification which are no longer passable or pertinent. What Muslims must do is to go back to the education of Holy Qur'an and genuine Hadiths of the Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), study and construe them in the framework of the current day. It is Allah Almighty's determination that the world has transformed. It is not for man to opposite what has been wished by Him. Islam is not only destined for seventh century Arabs. The authentic must look for supervision from the teachings of Qur'an and Hadiths in the current background. If we Muslims comprehend this, then there will be less mistakes among us, and the world will be an improved place if all mistakes are detached.
But today time has been altered and we are considered retrograde in all areas of life. Owing to unawareness of spiritual and moral standards, we are facing many contests. Our religious compulsions teach us many mystical and social belongings like Hajj and Zakat. Philosophy Behind Compulsory Charity (Zakat) also alleviate our issues if apply it in our daily routine. Lack of varied society, lack of excellence edification, poverty, financial unpredictability, violence, radicalism, inequitable values, lack of management are some of serious questions that we are meeting. Owing to above-mentioned questions, we are considered unindustrialized states. Our organization displays miserable and lifeless picture of administrations. When Muslims across the world fold at one home of Makkah and Medina through many flights, they are trained to encourage harmony, brotherhood and commonality in their ranks through pledge of religion. And it is the only solution of our matters.

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