Childhood is the most crucial period in a student’s entire journey as it is the phase where a child learns new skills, makes new friends, expose to the outside world and encounters different challenges. Sometimes, due to some bad experiences, pressure of performing well in exams or other activities also traps the children unknowingly into the unpleasant net of anxiety. While many believe that being anxious is normal, few studies also reflect that if a child gets anxious about a particular event for long, the chances to develop depression becomes high.

There is a Difference between ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Depression

Many people often get confused with these terms which hold a different meaning altogether. Anxiety is a mild problem which if not cured on time leads to a much serious problem i.e. depression. If a child shows symptoms of excessive worry, restlessness, fatigue, trouble in concentrating, irritability, sleep disturbance, or muscle tension, chances are that the child is going through anxiety disorder. While in depression, the child shows the signs of depressing mood, lack of interest in enjoyable activities, increase or decrease in appetite, insomnia, slow movement, lack in energy/enthusiasm, guilt, worthlessness, and even much critical suicidal thoughts and behaviours. According to a study, a shocking revelation was unearthed that almost 50% of the cases of depression are also diagnosed with depression. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and take over anxiety before it takes a toll on your children’s mental health. Moreover, not taking the symptoms of anxiety seriously can only results in student’s poor performance and harmful behaviours like substance abuse.

Limits the Learning Curve

While stress to a certain extent can sometimes help students to have better attention and focus while studying , anxiety causes negative effect on cognitive functioning. Study shows that students suffering from severe anxiety levels perform quite low as compared to other students. Moreover, it is found that anxiety is among one of the top reasons behind students’ school drop-out rate in many parts of the world. And which ultimately leads to economic losses for individuals and the society at large.

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