Origin Brazil, one kind of fragile but beautiful stone, have "wife happy" implication. Green is the most positive, most concentrated green. Malachite, While does not have the jewelry luster, but a kind of unique elegance.

Malachite is difficult to counterfeit: Malachite is a copper salt of the alteration products of carbon, often associated as a product of copper. Its hardness is 3.5-4, was opaque dark green, and has shades of the color bar pattern-- The beauty of this unique gem does not have by any other gemstone, so almost no imitations.
Malachite origin Russia, Romania, Brazil, etc. Malachite origin, mainly in China's Hubei Province.

It is also more delicate than glass fraction: Despite the name there is a "stone", Malachite has almost no stone hardened, solid features. Its toughness is poor, very fragile, so it is easily broken, afraid of the collision. So, malachite jewelry design needs to rely on sophisticated technology, Otherwise, whatever beautiful style, You can not let the stone to change according to your wishes, equally in vain.

Meanwhile, malachite can not contact with acidic and alkaline substances, Otherwise, it is easy to damage the surface gloss. So, If you look at the jewelry counter, The bottom of each block is flat malachite, Are backing the black agate. And as part of contact with skin or clothing, Malachite is to prevented damage by sweat, or other substances.

No two the same: No two the same malachite-- This stone is full of texture with this benefit, you don’t concern about that you will wear a similar decorating with others some day.
. The more delicate texture, the color more vivid, more superior quality.
Some parts of Germany think, Malachite carved with the sun, Then this gem will have to get rid of evil spirits and hidden danger capabilities.

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