Is not allowing yourself to really love the cause of you not being in an optimal relationship? Real love is given freely and unconditionally.

There are many adjectives and phrases that can be used to describe the impact and effect of love. "Love makes the world go around" is one of them. Love is a positive driving force and a big part of things that are good in the world. Love drives world events, be they big or small, in the best possible direction whereas hate and fear have an entirely opposite effect.

Openness and sharing, thoughtfulness and giving, gentleness and immense strength characterize love. To not allow oneself to love fully and freely effectively creates a barrier to your full potential. It creates a wall between you and true happiness. You cannot become fully positively engaged in an intimate relationship unless you allow yourself to love unconditionally.

Real love does not have conditions or restrictions. It transcends all hurdles that may be encountered. Why would you not allow yourself to love in this way when it is clear that the benefits are so great?

Fear is what gets in the way of true love for a surprisingly large number of people. Fears come in many different shapes and sizes. Fear of not being loved in return, fear of getting it wrong, fear of rejection, fear of what other people think, fear or social ridicule, fear of ending up alone, fear of loss...and many variations of these themes abound.

Life presents us with many challenges but there is one that truly stands out as being paramount. To live life fully and freely we have to find a way in which to face our fears and overcome them. If we do not find our way to doing this then our fears will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fear of loss is the main perpetrator of loss. Fear of not being loved is the main cause of not feeling loved.

If you have experienced difficulties in terms of not allowing yourself to love the most important question to ask of yourself is "What exactly are you afraid of?" It is only by truthfully answering this key question that you allow yourself to begin to contemplate facing your fears. Once you take this first step you will find that subsequent steps are a whole lot easier than previously expected.

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