No one would ever want to go through debt and, consequently, bankruptcy. Trust me, bankruptcy is one of the scariest things that anyone could go through. It brings about depression and stress.

The moment you receive your official discharge, it is usually a time to get back on your feet again by rebuilding your credit score and ensure that you are in good standing. It takes time, though, but it is doable.

So, how do you make sure that you don’t fall bankrupt again? Here are some of the ways you can use to build your credit

Get Your Things in Order

In most cases, bankruptcy is brought about by debt. To make sure that you don’t fall again into debt, build an emergency fund. Typically, emergency funds are built for certain emergencies, such as job loss. An emergency will really come through the moment you start falling into debt again.

To be able to stop the debt cycle, be cautious about your credit card spending. If it is possible, use a joint card where, in this case, you are the supplementary user. That way, you will always have someone watching your spending and ensuring that you don’t go overboard.

Understand Credit Better

Many people, once discharged from bankruptcy, start avoiding credit cards. After all, that’s what meant them bankrupt in the first place. If you are to stay out of debt and increase your credit score, then you must understand the importance of using your credit card.

The best way you can avoid debt is by understanding and preparing yourself to manage your resources and money.

Acquire Secured Credit Cards

One of the best ways to start rebuilding after bankruptcy is by getting secured credit cards. Secured credit cards are just similar to regular prepaid cards. The only difference is that the moment you spend money on this credit card, the spending will be reported to the respective credit

Some of the most common secured credit cards include:

Home Trust Secured Visa

This card allows you to put down $500-$10,000. What makes this card a lifesaver is the fact that you can apply it anytime once you have been discharged from bankruptcy. If you are in trouble about how to secure your credit card, go to, it will help you solve your problem.

Home Trust Secured Annual Fee Visa

This kind of charge a $59 annual fee. With this credit card, you get to enjoy low-interest rates of 14.9%. The card is ideal, especially if you usually carry a balance. However, it is advisable to clear your balance every month.

Capital One Guaranteed Secured MasterCard

All applicants get approved. However, the card will require a $75-300 security deposit that will be returned once you have closed your account and cleared your balance. The card charges $59 annually.

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