She loved you, you loved her. At one time something occurred and because of you or her, your relationship became unbearably so you both decided to put an end to your relationship. But you do not really reconciled to the idea and you are still thinking about her and want her back in your life. Not sure what to do, how to persuade her to accept you again. Search among the following 10 recommendations about what you should and should not do in an attempt of getting an ex back.

10 Effective Moves For Getting An Ex Back

1. Before going to make any move, you must have a serious discussion with your conscience and make sure that you still love her and you are not trying to win her back only for revenge or as a trophy. You're a big boy and you already know that it is useless to occupy your time with such nonsense behavior and you should put emphasis on the really important things.

2. You can adopt the technique called "hard to win back" but only if she is giving you real signs that she might want you back so you must be careful. This method is most used by women but it can work for getting an ex back in any situation. This method of getting an ex back involves the fact that if you don't give her too much attention she will start to be more interested in you.

3. You have to be strong in front of her. You must know very well that women don't like week, whiny and over sensitive men and you have to remain on a strong position and stay firm in your decision. Tell her exactly what you want without humiliates you in front of her and you must not begging her for love, you have to remain strong.

4. Give her strong and well-established arguments about what it will mean resuming your relationship and try to make her to understand that this time can be different. Focus on the things you know for sure that she hate and try to demonstrate her that it will never happen again.

5. You must not threaten her in any way or having a whiny tone will not help you at all. Be prepared to respect everything you promise to her about yourself because the first time you go wrong she will be gone and your chances of getting back with her will be gone too.

6. If any first attempt of getting an ex back does not end well, you must not start to blame the other one for what went wrong in the relationship because this way you will lose any change to be with your ex so be careful.

7. Women generally have a natural behavior and sometime very predictable. So before you even think to make any move to get her back, you should think about what you will say very carefully and is better to speak with another woman so she can give you some advices on what is better to say and what is not. You will need all the help you can get and this is a rule in any attempt of getting an ex back.

8. If she really don't want to accept you then is better not to say that you want to remain friends. Buddies maybe but not friends because a friendship between you two is not very convenient right now.

9. Getting an ex back can be very difficult if you face a definitely rejection from the first time and the best thing to do now is to maintain you dignity and integrity and not try to ask him/her for the second time. Anyway you shouldn't show her that you are very available now, let her know that you have alternatives.

10. You must know that not every time the best thing to do is getting an ex back after you broke up, sometimes is better to move on and try to meet new people, different people and try to live your life. But if you truly believe in second chances and you think the love is still there then you should fight for that love and don't let it disappear from your life.

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If you decide that getting an ex back is exactly the right move then you need help and guidance if you want that all your effort to be reworded. Every moment you wait, makes it harder to get them back because with time their indifference towards you will grow. You need someone to guide you and take you by the hand and show you exactly what you have to do to be successful.

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