It had been some years since the team had last visited this historic Tudor building and what a return awaited us and our intrepid group of brave ghost hunters. From the initial walk round the eerie atmosphere grew. As we rambled around the corridors and splendid rooms on our brief tour of the vigil areas, there was an air of trepidation of how the spirit world would possibly communicate with us.

As the groups went their separate ways to the vigil areas who could have guessed how the nights investigation would unfold. There was so many significant incidents it is really hard to know where to start, but we must firstly mention that Rosey our fearless and brave paranormal investigator claimed that this was the scariest place she had been to.

Rosey story starts in Catherine Howard’s bedroom, at first Corin mentioned that he felt somebody touching his neck and it was scaring him, Rosey asked for the unseen hands of the spirit realm to leave Corin alone as he was beginning to freak out. The next moment the whole group heard the noise of a metal bowl been hit, Jo 2 suddenly squealed that she felt something touch her face and then Rosey’s chair began to move and jerk inexplicably, she then knocked three times on her chair and the group all heard the sound of the chair been kicked.

The group asked for a tapping noise and almost immediately they heard the sound of constant tapping for around five seconds, from across the room. As the vigil continued the paranormal activity continued with members of the group experiencing cool breezes on them, and a light groan was heard as well, as the tapping continued on request it all got too much for Corin as he became more agitated, it was then that Rosey radioed for Mark our bravest of paranormal investigators to come to the vigil area and stand with Corin to reassure him.

Numerous groups recorded torches been turned on by the spirit world, and the movement of dark shadows were also spotted by our keen eyed ghost hunters. In one glass divination experiment the spirit of a lady called Jane Guy communicated to inform the group that she had worked at the hall when it was a linen factory, and that she had passed away with dysentery with many co-workers at the linen factory in 1929, and Jane also mentioned her grandads name a Mr. Fawbes, to the amazement of Michelle, Pat, and Lauren. Also a cat ball with a bell in it was thrown by the group and it rolled back from the empty darkness by the invisible hands of the spirit realm, this too stunned Sarah and Shelley.

In the panelled room the spirit of William came through in a glass divination experiment, William had a deep rooted dislike to women and he demonstrated this when asked who on the table he did not like, the table literally went in a circle in turn to all the women seated at it, when asked who he liked at the table it instantly tipped towards Stuart, with the groups help and assistance Stuart arranged a date with William.

In the tower room a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact through glass divination with the spirit of Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry the VIII who was imprisoned in the tower room before her untimely death by beheading. She confessed her love for Thomas Culpeper who she is said to have had an affair with which led to ultimately to her execution. As the vigil continued the group attempted a table tipping experiment to the shock and excitement of first time ghost hunters Lisa and Kerry. In the ballroom a group of ghost hunters were table tipping when the table moved on request in turn to the astonishment of Mel, Patrick, Stephen and Karen.

As the nights investigation drew to a close and we all met up for our debrief about the ghostly events that everyone had seen and felt, the consensus by all the ghost hunters was that it had been an eventful and active night and as we said our goodbyes and thanked our ghost hunters for joining us and participating with an open mind and positive energy. Mark summed up the evening simply by saying that underneath the Tudor veneer of a majestic building lies a different realm to our own.

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