Where do we start about Newcastle Keep, the whole night shocked the Simply Ghost Nights team on this paranormal investigation. It was an event that nightmares and films are made of, we experienced it all at Newcastle Keep, the good, the bad and the downright demonic, from table tipping, glass divination, amazing K2 spikes, and most frighteningly even some of our solid team members getting channelled. The Castle dominates much of the sky line as you approach up the hill, you look in awe at the workmanship and labour it would have took to have built the castle many years ago, however we would soon find out what hid below the veneered beauty of this building and what was waiting for us from the other side to greet us with a sinister side that would turn an event upside down and shock even the most hardened ghost hunter.

We were greeted by Paul who was our host for the night at Newcastle keep and an excellent host he was too, and he allowed us to view Newcastle from the turrets of the castle where we could see the city sprawling away in all directions of the compass, as we all took in the wonderful views of the city life at night it was time to start the ghost hunt event.

After a drink and a light refreshment break it was time to begin our journey into the unknown and leave the sanctuary of our world, and investigate the paranormal world of Newcastle Keep and see exactly what would a wait the Simply Ghost Nights team and our brave ghost hunters, we would soon find out. In the garrison room we were treated to some amazing table tipping by the spirit of a soldier, however what unfolded later in the Chapel not only shocked us but brought to the fore the power and the sinister side of the spirit world.

In the chapel we were investigating, one group of ghost hunters were around the séance table calling out, and some more were attempting communication with the K2s and achieving some very good results especially when they were playing a Latin chant. But all this paled in insignificance when Mark our paranormal investigator was found in the corner of the room in the chapel rocking to and fro as if from a scene from a movie, when asked how he was, Mark replied " I need to smash the table up, I feel so angry" for anyone who knows Mark this is totally out of character. After a chat Mark came around and confessed to have had little control over his emotions.

Then Mel one of the teams mediums announced that she felt immense anger towards Stuart and wanted to hit him, (these feelings are not uncommon towards Stuart allegedly), again after a quick chat Mel returned back to her bubbly self and stated how the feelings had suddenly came. At this point the K2s were literally going crazy with activity, and the torches were turning themselves on and off on request and there was a feeling of dread in the room that we all felt.

Meanwhile on the séance table Rosey, Shelly, Paul, Ann, Clare and Melanie were making contact through glass divination with an alleged murderer, then all of a sudden behind them a chair moved slightly with no one in it, Paul suggested that this was indeed the murders favourite chair and that nobody could sit in it, the glass moved to yes. Philip our intrepid paranormal investigator bravely sat in the chair as during the séance the group were warned that this murderous spirit would harm anyone who sat in his chair. Alas Philip sat in the chair, with everyone else preoccupied with the séance and the K2 investigations it was good ten minutes until Rosey noticed Philip slumped in the chair bent over doubled up. The group called out to Philip as he sat up his eye’s glazed and Philip started to mumble incoherently at first until he said shaking "I'm going to cry" as we lead Philip away from the table and out of the chapel. As we spoke and reassured Philip he said he didn’t know what had come over him. It was as though this darkened entity had attempted to divide and conquer the Simply Ghost nights team and failed.

After a break and a review of the chapel investigation we agreed this was probably the most threatened the team had felt for a long time from the world of spirit. As we finished our glorious buffet it was time to carry on the investigations. One group had table tipping and glass divination in the King's chamber the spirit of a knight made his presence known, and a grey mist was seen to rise from the floor in this room too as well as dark shadow was noticeable from the toilet room inside the King's chamber.

As the time flew by yet again it was time to call it a wrap and the nights proceedings to a close, we knew we had been in a huge battle with the ghostly spectre of a frightening and dark nature, and won the battle for the greatness of good and god and as we left Newcastle Keep we vowed to return later in the year, to face our demons yet again.

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My name is Stuart Dawson I am a psychic medium, I am also a practicing spiritualist too and the owner of an events company called Simply Ghost Nights.
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