As per Hindu mythology, there are more than 53 million Gods and Goddesses in this world and each one of them has a unique identity. Every single deity is identified by their characteristic dressing and accessorizing habits. Since every single one of them has a role to play in imparting blessing to mankind, they form an ideal gift for various occasions. The culture of gifting their images is a secular and auspicious practice all across the world. Depending on the purpose of the ceremony you can always choose a sacred present for your near and dear ones.

While some of these deities are fairly popular than others all occupy a highly reputable position in the social and religious systems in India, especially in Hindu community. For example, Vaibhav Lakhmi (or simply known as Lakshmi) is the goddesses of prosperity. Her portraits and miniatures are an ideal gift to someone starting a new business or a new job. During Deepavali, the Hindu festivals of lights, receiving the portrait as a gift or bringing her home is believed to welcome good fortune into home and life. It is believed that Lakshmi, preferably, should not be gifted alone. She should ideally be gifted along with her husband, Vishnu to promise prosperity to the keeper of the idol. Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Brahma and Lord Krishna are the other most popular Hindu Gods.

Hanuman holds an incredibly popular position in Hindu society and his popularity is not limited to Hindus alone. Hanuman, son of Pawan (the God of wind), was a devotee of human incarnation of Lord Shiva, i.e. Lord Ram. He is known as the practitioner of brahmacharya (celibacy) and his sincere devotion of Lord Ram. It is said that once he tore open his own chest to show his dedication for his dear Lord Ram. People saw the image of Lord Ram as well as Goddess Sita (Ram`s wife) embedded in his chest.

The deity is known for his surreal physical strength. It is believed that he could increase and decrease size of his body, fly and also lift unimaginable amount of weight. According to the myth, once he flew an entire mountain from North of India to Sri Lanka to save life of Lord Ram`s younger brother. Today, he is worshipped by young boys in the entire Hindu community for physical strength, chastity and to be blessed with a sincere lifestyle. Pregnant mothers are often asked to keep with them miniatures of Hanuman or wear his image in form of locket to ward off evil spirits. Read this
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You can find mini sculptures, framed photographs and easy-to-wear accessories that they can either keep with them as lucky charms. There are many online stores which sell gift items related to Hindu deities. From idols available in metal, wood and glass in all sizes to elements of home and office décor that bear images of deities, like in paper weights and pen holder, there are many ways to gift someone.

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