I discovered a simple method, tip, what helps began journey into Prosperity Consciousness.
This called: Give Away A Dollar A day, created by Todd Silva.

Give away money.
Give away money-everyday.

Give and you will get...

The Natural's Laws working...
The Universe helps to you make more money...

Give away a dollar everyday.

I read this article, and I think: I try it!
I live in the little village. I went to the centre, and I think, I will surprise to my Friend. I will buy a hot-chocolate from a coffee-machine, and I give to my Friend.
I bought the hot-chocolate and went to her office.
My Friend was surprised! She wanted to drink a hot-chocolate!
After I also surprised: my bank account balance is increased.My electricity bill was surplus of deposit, and the Company remitted the money.
I was very surprised!
I promised: I give away money everyday!

Try it this program!

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy, Hypnotherapist, Coach