How can you find that which was never lost?

Across the globe, people converse about recession and it makes me wonder what establishes the value of the Dollar or the Rand, What determines the value of gold? Can oil know its worth? Does a diamond know its own value?

In my study, I found something quite reflective; the word recession originated from 1885- Re- +Cession ‘Re-Ces-Sion’ –noun a return of ownership to a former possessor. Re- a prefix, occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward” to indicate withdrawal or backward motion: Cession- an act of ceding: a yielding (as of property) to another: as a in the civil law of Louisiana: assignment or transfer of property rights by a debtor to a creditor.

Can this be? Humanity declares we should return our ownership to a former possessor.

If I may ask, please join me on this voyage, till we found the pot on the end of this rainbow. Trace back the blueprint of our original design, and you would find a thought so pure and beautiful mesmerized in a love-dream. Someone once said; at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet, and something tells me, there is an internal origin that associates mankind to the heart of God. We are His workmanship, His (Greek poema) poem. We are the original thought of God; the first word in the bible (Bereshet) literally means in the head, we are his initiative. We are the expression of the greatest idea that ever was! Man is the bearer of God’s image, likeness and glory! Humanity has an existence and identity that is bigger than our natural birth and larger than our birthdays. We are all members of the same universal family; and a Godly offspring. No wonder the whole law is fulfilled in this, you should love your neighbor as yourself.

We get church from (the Greek word Ekklesia, from ek, a preposition denoting origin, and Kaleo, to identify by name, thus the revelation of man’s original identity) Maybe it is true; mankind is in recession, and we should stop labeling people, and stop judging one another, have more tolerance ‘and return the ownership of the human race back to its original owner. Therefore we can no longer see any man from a human point of view. We can no longer call any man common ore impure. What determines the value of gold…. market value is established by the price someone is prepared to pay. Maybe this explains the cross. God saw enough value in every man to justify the price He paid for humanity redemption from sin guilt and fear.

Discover your true identity, and suddenly, a great stillness arises within you, an unfathomable sense of peace. And out of the peace flows rivers of joy, with waves of love..

Warm Regards
Francois Janse van Rensburg

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Francois Janse van Rensburg is known for his unique and extraordinary leadership skills across the globe. His love and appreciation for this planet and its inhabitant’s reflects in his work and encourages many to become effective creators...