Goal Oriented Life Coaching Practice
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At Coaches 4 Success, (Coaches4Success.Com), we are dedicated to offer our clients life coaching services that can improve the quality of their lives. One way is through goal setting. This collaborative process not only helps with clarifying what our clients want from life, but also constructing a vision of success as it relates to each client’s unique circumstances. Some goals relate to the betterment of a career, finances, education, and others have to do with family, lifestyle, and changing habits or attitude.

Working with our clients, we often notice not having a clear vision can make the journey toward success confusing. Without having a clear direction, it would be hard not to get lost in life. Establishing goals in the context of a life coaching session creates support for the client, and at the same time, increases the accountability toward achievement of those goals.

Writing down goals using one of our helpful life coaching worksheets is an important method to increase motivation toward achieving them. Since goals need to be manageable, the more specific the goal, the more manageable it becomes. It is often helpful to prioritize one’s objectives and focus on one goal at the time. We encourage and work with our clients to mobilize resources in their lives that can help them meet their goals and to avoid distractions that can become a barrier to successful achievement of the life they want.

We know from experience that achievement of one’s goals helps to build self-confidence; therefore, we encourage our clients to commit to the process. We also emphasize having patience and persistence which is essential to the process. By practicing patience, we are not trying to dismiss the urgency that our clients feel in meeting their goals. In fact, the work we do is time-bound. At the same time, it is important that we don’t add more stress to our clients’ lives by having unrealistic expectations when it comes to achievement of their goals. Every client is unique and one size does not fit all. We respect our client’s time table as we collaborate in creating target dates for meeting their goals.

Finally, the goals need to be written in positive and inspiring language. Expressing goals in an affirmative manner can help generate energy to support its attainment. Not only goal setting needs to be done within an uplifting life coaching context, but also the entire life coaching process needs to embrace confidence and decisiveness. At Coaches 4 Success, we look forward to help our clients establish clear and realistic life enhancing goals and provide life coaching services to support the manifestation of their goals.

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