We exist so that God can express Himself fully through us. We are God's creations for Him to continue to create through us, being His co-creators. Go created you for His pleasure. He created you to ultimately become the highest versions of yourselves. God placed within you talents and gifts, not for your pleasure; but rather, for His pleasure. Yes, God wants you to live your best life on earth; however, He also wants you to first seek the Kingdom of Heaven first so that He can fully express Himself through you.

There are many people whom live their lives on the outside for the glory of man, but these people never seek the Kingdom, which is inside themselves. The scriptures states, “The Kingdom of Heaven exists within you.” You “fix up” the outside of yourselves, but you neglect the inside where the Spirit truly lives. You can never live a full life if you are not living from your true authentic self. Your true authentic self exists within. Most people are afraid to actually look at their true authentic selves, and they are even more afraid to show their true authentic selves to the world. If you intend to become the highest version of yourselves, you must accept and love your true authentic self and not be afraid to show your true self to the world. This is your truth and you are the only one who knows how to tell it best. When you display a fabricated version of yourselves to the world, God cannot and absolutely will not express Himself through you. God does not deal in lies. God cannot lie. God is Truth and Truth only, and if you want to become the highest possible version of yourself, you must be your true authentic self.

When we allow God to express Himself fully through and within us, all things become possible to us. When God is expressing Himself through us, we are then in alignment with “All There Is,” and whatever is needed in our lives is freely given to us. There is nothing you cannot have that is already yours. You must align yourselves with the mysterious energy that God is, in order to allow these things to flow to you. There is no other way. You can pray day and night asking God for the same things over and over; however, if you are not in perfect alignment with what you are praying for and if it is not how God wishes to express Himself through you, you will not receive what you are asking for in prayer. Why? Simply because it is not yours to have. You must seek within and discover who you truly are, discover your God-given gifts and talents; and then you must live from this true authentic person. When you do this, you are now allowing God to fully express Himself through you and now all things are possible for you.

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Dr. Monica Mi'Chelle, PhD is a Spiritual, Life and Relationship Consultant. She is also a Writer and Speaker. Her only job on earth is to open the eyes of the blind, awaken the sleeping and steady the feet of those whom stumble on their way towards realizing their destiny.