Today’s Habits play a major role in shaping futures. If you have the right habit in your life then it will fill your present with positivity and future with Success. Develop habits and it’ll shape your future. Whether you are in your twenties or teenage, make positive transformations in life and that will bring a good future ahead.

At a younger age, you have to decide your approach to life and that determines where you belong in the future. Structure your young age with life changing habits and that will take care you in the future.

Habits to Wake up early
Getting up early is the wise decision of one’s life. It is beneficial for us if we make a habit of wake up early in the morning than to wake till late at night. Waking up early benefits to our mental and physical health. Due to waking up early in the morning, helps to get the more positive energies in and make you feel good for the whole day as well. A leaders in the world has a habit to wake up early, so you also need to follow that habit.

Routine Exercise
A regular exercise will give you a fit body as well as confidence. No matter you get time to go to the gym or not, But make sure you get at least an hour for the maintains your body. Make a habit to do exercise every day because ultimately there is a fit body will let you do all the things. Habit of daily exercise will not only keep you in good shape only, But also give you a motivation for the future life as well.

Learn new things like language or technical skills
It is really helpful if you keep yourself updated and learning new skills. Learning new things not only keep you ahead than the others but it also boosts your mind power, too. Learning a new language, acquiring technical course, knowing new country culture etc. The time spends in the leaning new things is not wasted. It's an investment for the future success.

Habit of Reading
A good book acts far better than friends. Books are best friends , we could ever have. If possible then try to read a book every day around an hour a day. Instead of spending time to go out with friends or that night out plan which ultimately no use in life, focus on the time to read daily before going to bed. A good book can give more positivity than late night parties. There are many good habits,one need to follow for successful life. Habits to improve as a person.

Playing any instruments
Playing favorite instruments is the favorite activity of anyone. Playing that drums or a guitar will give you a nice mood and creative idea as well. I know you still want to play guitar that stayed in the corner, But your work doesn't permit for that. Playing favorite instrument for at least half an hour will refresh your mind and relieve the tiredness of the work.

Spending time with Family
Family first. But we are so busy in shaping our futures, we forget about them. Spending time with your own, your family is the priceless and required, too. After the finish of the day work, make a habit to spend time with your family around an hour. That talk with family let you forget about the tiredness of the work and give a positive vibe. After all, the work you are doing for what purpose, for your own family, Isn't it?? Do the things which you can do for your family, or you'll left regret with, i wish i had .

Traveling to new places
It is really beneficial if you take a short vacation every six months or even going on a solo trip when the time permits. Traveling to a distant place will give you beautiful memories of life. Not only that, but it also refreshes your mood from the daily hassles and fills your soul with Positive vibes. If possible, take a short break from work twice a year and travel to the place you want to go to. Habits of enjoying vacation and go for a travel will be the life changing experience.

Sports and playing favorite games (Outdoor games)
No matter which age group you belong, playing a favorite sport will never let you feel bored. On a weekend, team up with those old friends and go for a sport you used to play in the teenagers. Playing a favorite game on weekends with the old friends can refresh your moods and make yourself ready for the next week works. Make free time activities list for doing the things that you love and enjoy yourself while doing it.

Habit of staying alone sometime
Meditation and spending time alone are the things that serve the same goal. A goal of self-evaluation and self-belief. Make a habit of spend time alone in your room or even walk. Do meditation or spend some time alone with yourself. Being alone is good thing when you know what you want to achieve. This time helps you to analysis yourself for what you are learning today and what is your life purpose you want to achieve. Also a time to create a Future plan,too. It is better to spend time alone rather than being with the wrong one.

Habit of staying away from TV
If you have a habit to watch TV more than a two hours a day, then it’ll be a Red signal for your health. Watching TV is also an impact on your life quality, too. I too regretting for time wasting in TV, a time that i could use to productive use. Now I realize, it was great if I put that extra time to learn new things which I wish to learn now. Spend that free time in learning and in some productive use, instead of TV. Use your time wisely , because it's really in short supply.

Habit to say Truth on face (A Risky one)
Yeah, this going to be a Bold decision of life. But believe that this will change your life positively. You get to find who actually care for you. Make a habit to say Truth to others no matter how bad it is, But do it. You may end up with some people in your life but this way you get to know who are your own. Because people who say true to face is more trustworthy than the people who say bad on the back.

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Ketan, a 20s guy a Life blogger. Sharing life lessons, own self improvement plan and experiences. With hope that his writing make an positive imapct in others' life as well.