Gratitude-A Reminder

Last night I was a t a meeting, and old timers were welcomed. A couple of people glanced my way, and I guess it a fitting title in that fellowship. I should be grateful. I was there again, and free from addictions.
Over the last period of time, we have had some major employment changes, family disappointments and have made a decision to relocate to a new area about an hour away.
With all the change that has taken place, I can get down and worried and put stress on myself. Part of it comes from no longer being “the great provider” from a financial point of view, and I’m sure I’m going through what many face as they either enter a final work chapter or heaven forbid, retirement. As strong as my spiritual life is, I’m human, and uncertainty does cause stress. While I know all will work out eventually, there are moments where I am surprised how I react.
Recently, I have realized that I have not focused enough on gratitude for what is certain, and history tells me if I get away from an attitude of gratitude I’ll pay the price. This is proven true again!
For the next period of time, I will list the things I really do have to be grateful for, and man, there are lots of them.
First is my intimate relationship with a higher power, a presence that has been with me since birth, and stayed with me and looked after me despite myself and through some internal hell. Today, I live free from addictions, and for the most part, in a pretty good space. Recognizing my higher power puts me there, and for the faith I have, I’m grateful.
I’ve got some wonderful people in my life who really love me. My benchmark of a person and our relationship is the question “If I were on an iron lung, would I want them on the pump handle?” I am very fortunate and blessed to know that there are several I could honestly say yes about.
We had our kids, grand kids, my mother and a few others together over the weekend. Our family dynamic is along way from perfect, but we were all together and enjoyed the company of each other. I know this is not the case for many families, and despite our warts, to be there for each other and celebrate together is a blessing.
After deep soul searching, and with direction of my higher power in meditation and through the words of others, I have discovered my true purpose in life from a work perspective. I have worked hard at increasing my knowledge and skills, and am now coaching others to help them find themselves and the life they deserve. This work has been as rewarding as I thought it would. I revel in being an instrument that is being used to positively change the lives of others. I have a few great clients, and my life is richer for having these people in my life.
In some ways, I think I’m afraid to succeed in this new venture. I am good at what I do, yet have been reluctant to market as effectively as I should! Am I afraid of failure? Am I afraid of success? Deep inside that small quiet voice, and the results I am witnessing, tells me I’m on the right track and need to trudge forward and be patient.
I am truly grateful to have the opportunity, training and ability to be used to positively impact the lives of others.
As I do my gratitude lists over the next few weeks, I know that I will appreciate how fortunate I truly am and any feelings of self-pity and financial insecurity will diminish.
I play at a wonderful golf course with great people, my health is good, we live in a nice home and have some money put away for the future, we have all the necessities of life, I generally like who I see in the mirror, I have a solid program of recovery and like the service work I do, I live in a great country with freedom and peace, and my higher power is with me and loves my unconditionally with all my defects!
Even as an old-timer I can allow myself to get into some dark places.
I have known for years gratitude is an attitude, and an attitude that has not been on my radar screen in as high a priority as needed.
On a daily basis, I must thank my higher power in a thoughtful way, and consciously, write things I have to be grateful about.
In meditation, I believe an answer to a personal situation was freely given to me, and I’m glad to be an “old-timer” with a zest for life!! Thanks.

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