What is the Green Candle Magic?

I wrote a book 6 years ago. It published in Hungary. I called: Spirituality in Business - How to manifest the First Million?
I created the Green Candle Magic, what is helps satying the focus on your goals and grows your belief in your business and your life.

Take a green candle after you wake up in the morning!Hold it on your hands, think about Your Financial Dream. The Outcome be in your mind.
Light the candle, and say the following Prayer ( or what would you like to say):

"Angels Of Abundance, please Bless in my day! Lead on my Way and help me than service to others with love. I am Grateful for my Life, I am Greateful for my Business, and I am Grateful for my Clients. I am Grateful for my money. My business is perfect."

(Why is it Green Candle? The green is color of the Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of Abundance.)

Try it! Blessed be and have a Blessed Day!

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Author
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