The different stages of grief recovery are never easy, and it’s entirely up to the person how long it takes someone to be on the grieving process. There are different essentials when it comes to grief recovery, and it’s a must to help you to be on your way to recover.

Bear in mind that tears and crying are simply part of the bereavement process, so give yourself permission to cry all you want. You can find a safe and solitary place like your room if you need to unload your burden away from the public. If you want, you can reach out for someone over the phone and cry to go through the process of grief recovery.

We all need time to mourn; nobody can truly foresee and calculate how long it will take for our grief to heal. Don’t expect to have the same time frame to fully recover with that of your family and friends. So don’t pressure yourself to move on right away. Allow yourself to feel all those emotions of anger, pain, hurt, denial, sadness etc.

to resolve your situation. Grieving takes time, so let yourself mourn till you feel comfortable. You can also talk about your departed loved one. Talking and reminiscing about the memories--- especially of the good ones, help a lot in your grief recovery in a way that you let others know how you feel.

Look for those individuals whom you really trust and you’re comfortable in sharing and talking about your feelings. Even their mere presence can be a blessing and it’s comforting to know that people support you. You can also seek out some local grief support group within your vicinity for added emotional back up.

Talking aids in letting you accept the harsh reality and finality of their demise. After going through a lot during the process of mourning, you deserve to be hugged and pampered. After experiencing such a great loss, you deserve the affection and being comforted by your friends and family. Especially if you’re living alone, you can give your confidantes or trusted friends a call and request to hug you even for only a few seconds.

There are even therapeutic effects that hugging can bring. It’s a healthy form of release. Studies show that it cures depression, minimizes stress, aids the immune system and stimulates sleep, among others. The road to grief recovery is never easy, but there are some ways (like mentioned above) on how to lessen the pain and make our lives easier.

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