We feel their presence in minute instances, remember their smile and laugh vibrantly, even when our eyes water at their loss.

It is those moments that will forever remain. It is the sense of their presence that has impacted our lives and been determining factors in our growth or our life transitions.

The more intuitive may even reconnect through dreams, alleviating the pain by finding solace in this seemingly real presence.

Years later, moments will still bring soothing recollections and fleeting tears that soon turn into smile as you realize that your memory has immortalized your loved one.

Does it fill the gap? No, it doesn’t!

It’s more like a promise! A promise that what is meaningful remains eternal.

Should you overly dwell on it? No. Why? Because life is there to live, learn and grow. Look at nature. Its constant renewal should inspire you!

When you’re ready and move on to letting life reclaim you, you honor the departed. While life is present, it is our duty to live it well and fully. In this way, we may also be brought to leave fond memories and live on forever in the heart and minds of those we have touched with kindness and compassion.

Have a nice week. Happy Trails,

Elizabeth McNally
Mentor & Licensed Certified EI Coach

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In a nutshell, I am an attentive, compassionate person who wishes to make a difference in people`s lives.
Some 17 years of experience as a Mentor & Coach, pertinent Career and life experiences, a Master’s degree in Education and additional training in Emotional Intelligence and Compassion Fatigue enable me to better perceive my clients’ needs. Because of this, I know how to help my clients clarify their thoughts, pinpoint issues and take concrete, suitable action to solve the problem, in record time.
My clients then regain the appealing glow and spark of the keen, confident, energetic people they’ve always been. They walk away with the pride and triumphant joy of having overcome.